Japanese electric cars fall behind! Japan plans to increase subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles by 35000 yuan per vehicle

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japanese electric cars fall japan

With Toyota 、 Honda 、 Suzuki fuel truck , It's different in the global market , There is no smart electric car available in the Japanese system so far .

Tesla now relies on the position of the electric car pin crown , Become the world's largest car company by market value , The public also learn from the pain , Emergency approval of electric vehicles , And took out ID It is a new intelligent electric vehicle , Fill the market gap left by the previous lag .

However, the attitude of Japanese cars towards electric vehicles has always been relatively negative , Maybe Toyota 、 Honda still feels , I have devoted myself to studying the hybrid technology for decades , Hold a lot of patents , Not waiting to be loaded by global models , The era of collecting patent fees , It was mercilessly jumped by the electric car , It's hard to avoid resisting electric cars .

however , The technical route adopted by car enterprises , Not just one enterprise can decide , It is the consumer demand in the global market that leads to . without doubt , Electric vehicles gradually replace fuel vehicles , It is already a very obvious general trend of certainty . So , The Japanese government has also taken targeted measures .

recently , As report goes , Japan's Ministry of economy and industry will increase electric vehicles 、 Subsidies for the purchase of plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles ;

The Ministry of economy, industry and trade will seek 2022 The fiscal year 335 Billion yen budget , Twice the budget for this fiscal year ; The details will be determined later , But the Department is considering increasing the level of subsidies , Make the price level with gasoline cars .

The government currently provides the highest price per vehicle for the purchase of electric vehicles 60 Ten thousand yen ( renminbi 3.5 Ten thousand yuan ) Subsidies for , The purchase subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles are... Respectively 30 Ten thousand yen and 250 Ten thousand yen .

As a contrast , According to China's current subsidy policy for new energy vehicles , Blade Electric Vehicles ,NEDC The range is greater than 300km The subsidy is only available when , The mileage subsidy standard is... Per vehicle 1.3 Ten thousand yuan . And the endurance exceeds 400km after , Mileage subsidy standard is 1.8 Ten thousand yuan .

Even China's electric vehicle subsidy is the highest 1.8 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with Japan , The latter is close to the amount of subsidies in China 2 times , It can also be seen that , For the fact that Japanese electric vehicles fall behind , How determined is Japan to start stepping up remedial courses .

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