The news of the new Audi grandsphere is exposed, and it is expected to launch globally on September 2

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news new audi grandsphere exposed

recently , Luke has obtained a group of new electric vehicles from overseas media ——Grandsphere The latest news about the model . New car will be on the 9 month 2 The world premiere on the eve of the Munich auto show .

aesthetic , The new car looks from the preview , New Audi Skysphere The design elements of the model . The front face may be designed with a lattice air inlet grille through the shape , The headlights on both sides are very long and narrow . The body side may provide four door design .

interiors , The new car may have a four seat layout . In terms of configuration, there may be L4 Level automatic driving system and so on , It shows a full sense of technology and future . motivation , The new car is equipped with pure electric drive , The specific parameters are not known yet .

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