Tanyue now has a maximum discount of 43000 and 143900. Is it worth starting?

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tanyue maximum discount worth starting

A car dealer in Suzhou recently announced Explore Yue's preferential market in the region : At present, the highest discount for car purchase in tanyue 4.3 ten thousand ,14.39 All the sale , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of exploring the mountains .2021 The appearance design of this popular tanyue is very fashionable , The hexagonal air intake grille is very wide , The surrounding lines describe very straight , China open is also decorated with silver decorative strips to enhance the texture , The style of the headlight group is quite solid , The inner lens is wide ,LED Daytime running lights are quite generous , High recognition after lighting , The air inlet in the middle is very slender . The side lines are very strong , The upper edge of the window is outlined with chrome trim strips , The details are exquisite , The silver luggage rack highlights the off-road feeling . The shape of the rear part of the car is also broad and full . A silver scuff guard is provided under the tail , Seems a bit of a hardline temperament . After all, it's just the new model of the year , interiors , There are minor modifications between the new tanyue and the old models , The overall design of the center console is biased towards the driver's side , The overall design conforms to the aesthetic concept of contemporary young people , One of the most striking is the latest popular flat logo in the steering wheel , It forms a good visual effect with the three spoke multifunctional steering wheel . The full LCD instrument panel has high definition , The layout of the center console and the layout of the functional area are also very practical and reasonable . In terms of power system , Tanyue is on board 1.4T and 2.0T High and low power engines ,1.4T Maximum engine power 110 kW, Maximum torque 250N.m, 2.0T High power engine , The most powerful 162 kW , Maximum torque 350N.m. And 7 The gear is matched with the dual clutch transmission , For this medium SUV The power is strong , It can definitely meet daily needs . The interior of the mountain exploration vehicle is equipped with multimedia color display , The automatic air conditioning , Interior atmosphere lamp , Keyless entry , Panoramic skylight matching , Make tanyue feel full of science and Technology , The car is also equipped with electrically adjustable seats , Tire pressure monitoring , Constant speed cruise and other configurations , It is richer than the models of the same level .

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