Dongcheng District: 100% of school cadres and teachers in the stage of compulsory education within three years

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8 month 25 Japan , Held at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government “ Double subtraction ” At the work press conference , Deputy Secretary of Education Working Committee of Dongcheng District Party committee 、 Gao Wei, director of the District Education Commission , Dongcheng District will focus on teachers before cadres 、 First primary school and then junior middle school , In this school year, the number of cadres and teachers in rotation shall not be less than 2000 people , Strive to use three years to achieve the goal of school cadres and teachers at the stage of compulsory education in Dongcheng District 100% Work shift .

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The reporter Niu Weikun Li Qiyao

The process editor Wu yue

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