Car sales swept away 480000 purchase money from prospective owners. 4S Store Manager: you can't refund or collect the car

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car sales swept away purchase

In recent days, , There are three consumers in Qingdao yuanshenghe Sales Co., Ltd 4S The store was cheated to buy a car, which has been hot searched on social platforms for many days . According to the victim, Mr. Han ,2021 year 7 month 21 Japan , He is in Qingdao Yuansheng and FAW - The public 4S shop ( Qingdao yuanshenghe Automobile Sales Co., Ltd ) Sign a car purchase contract , And handed in. 9.5 Down payment of 10000 yuan . the second day , The 4S The salesperson Zhao asked Mr. Han to make up the balance first . Mr. Han Yu 7 month 25 Pay the balance on the day . After Mr. Han has paid the balance , Zhao promised Mr. Han , Next, we will handle insurance for Mr. Han according to the normal process 、 Loan and other procedures . However , Zhao has been dragging on with Mr. Han's vehicle formalities .

Although Mr. Han is dissatisfied with Zhao's efficiency , But because the whole process of buying a car is 4S Conduct and sign the car purchase contract in the store , Therefore, Mr. Han did not have any doubt about Zhao . however , The next thing made Mr. Han silly .

4S Should the store be responsible ?

In the twinkling of an eye, we came to the day when we agreed to collect the car , I'm going to 4S Mr. Han, who picked up the car at the store, suddenly received 4S The store's phone . The 4S The sales manager of the store told Mr. Han on the phone , The salesperson who was responsible for contacting Mr. Han has now left with Mr. Han's transfer money , Please go to the public security bureau to cooperate with the investigation and evidence collection .

In order to deal with things as soon as possible , Mr. Han arrived at the police station at the first time . unexpectedly , Mr. Han found in the police station that two other car owners had experienced the same experience as himself . From the 4S From the mouth of the shop staff :“ Our account number is ‘ Qingdao yuanshenghe Automobile Sales Co., Ltd ’, Zhao asked three consumers to brush the account number is ‘ Qingdao yuanshenghe Automobile Service Co., Ltd ’.” besides ,4S The store staff also said , What is stamped on the sales contract “ Special contract for Qingdao yuanshenghe Automobile Co., Ltd ” The official seal was also engraved by Zhao privately .

After learning that he was cheated , Mr. Han and his party came to 4S Shop to negotiate . among , A car buyer said :“ I made a down payment , I'm for your company , Not personal . and , I finished all the formalities in this shop . My pick-up time is 7 month 20 Japan ( At the latest ), The contract is clearly written . Then I don't have the car now , So I have to pick up the car .”

Facing the requirements of car buyers ,4S The store staff said , At present, the public security has established the incident as a criminal case , And showed the owner the power of attorney issued by the public security organ . For the collection problem of three car buyers ,4S The store sales manager said , At present, we can only wait for the reconnaissance results of the public security organ , There is nothing they can do until the reconnaissance results of the public security organ come out .

about 4S The practice of the store , Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction , Think the event is in 4S What happened in the store , Before finding Zhao ,4S The store should first solve the problem of collecting the car . In order to further understand the solution , Brother Tan also consulted some legal people . According to relevant legal persons , although 4S Stores and consumers are victims , But Zhao can use the fake official seal to sign a contract and set up a contract privately POS Machine transfer , thus it can be seen 4S Lack of staff management in the store , therefore 4S The store should bear the corresponding responsibility , Instead of passing losses on to consumers .

4S Should the store model be banned ?

After this happened , Many people ask brother Tan in private letters , After so many years of development ,4S There are still so many negative news in the store , If you will 4S Shop ban , Can the direct operation of the main engine factory avoid these problems ? for instance , If the incident of female Mercedes Benz owners in Xi'an many years ago , After the oil spill , The car owner actively contacted the main engine factory , Whether we can avoid a series of subsequent events ?

On this issue , I think the most important thing is to clarify why 4S Negative news from the store continues , Even to the point of annoyance .4S The reason why the store makes consumers dissatisfied , Because 4S Trust between stores and consumers has begun to disintegrate . Although we do not deny the conscientious working attitude of most front-line salespeople , But there's a good saying “ Good things don't go out , Bad news spread far and wide ”, The behavior of some salespeople has made 4S The store is completely on the opposite side of consumers . Because in the eyes of consumers , The purpose of these salespeople is not to give advice to consumers , But trying to trick everyone into buying a car .

In recent years, it has been deeply loved by everyone on the short video platform “4S Shop bargaining ” For example, video , The reason why these videos can be sought after by everyone , The main reason behind it is that everyone has 4S The store has no trust . It was just a simple buyer seller transaction , But it turned into a game interspersed with various “ Conspiracy ” The competition of . thus it can be seen , sincere 、 really 、 Reliable words in 4S I can't see it in the store .

Now that we don't trust 4S Shop , Why go to 4S Where's the car store ? Tanko believes that a large part of the reason is that the direct marketing model has not been widely spread . Have to admit , Now many car companies have begun to play “ Direct mode ”, But tanko believes that in a short time, except Tesla 、 Other than Weilai and other new forces automobile enterprises , Most traditional auto enterprises will not focus on the direct mode , But continue to pass 4S Store sales . In this case , Add traditional ideas , Even if consumers are helpless , In the end, you can only choose 4S Shop .

Regarding this , Many readers will ask brother cylinder ,“ Why don't car companies promote the direct sales model ?”. The truth is very simple , Just two words “ To be straitened for money ”.4S The store is a heavy asset , Want to build a complete 4S The store needs to be on the land 、 Exhibition Hall 、 equipment 、 Huge investment in personnel, etc . In a fourth tier city 4S Shop as an example , Construction costs have been needed 500 Ten thousand yuan , If you add liquidity , Need at least 1000 Investment of about 10000 yuan . If the market is good, it may be able to 5 Return within the year , If the market is bad , It's like 2020 In the year , It only needs 1 You can be out in a year or a few months .

besides ,4S The biggest advantage of the store is to become the capital pool of the main engine factory . I believe many readers who have worked in front-line sales positions know ,4S The store not only has sales tasks , And the task of collecting the car , The rebate for completing sales is on a monthly or quarterly basis , however 4S The store needs to call the OEMs in advance . Take a simple arithmetic problem as an example , Suppose a family 4S The average monthly sales volume of the store is 100 platform , The collection task is based on the inventory ratio 1:1.5 Calculation , Then you need to mention enough every month 150 The trolley can complete the task . according to 20 ten thousand / Average price calculation of vehicles , You need to 3000 Million of working capital . Although it doesn't seem much , But if the country has 500 More than dealers , So conservative estimates need 150 Working capital of 100 million yuan . Such huge liquidity , I believe most brands can't afford it .

let me put it another way , Want to finish it in a short time 4S It is impossible for stores to change to direct marketing mode . however , With the accelerated development of the Internet , The first mock exam is also optimizing the production mode. . for instance , At present, the main engine factory determines the production quantity through the order quantity , However, the collection cycle of car buyers may be extended to 2-4 Zhou . Although the collection cycle has been extended , However, compared with the previous users' efforts to compare the prices of the same automobile products all over the country , After the implementation of the direct marketing model , The customer's car purchase process is more convenient and the service is better . It is worth mentioning that , After the implementation of direct marketing mode for relevant brands , Its brand image will also be further improved .


The domestic automobile marketing model has not changed for many years , As customers and 4S Contradictions and misunderstandings between stores are getting deeper and deeper , Their brands have also been seriously affected . Maybe I can't be sure 4S Will the store die out completely , But it is certain that the direct marketing model will replace 4S Stores have become the mainstream sales model in the auto market . take the reverse into consideration 4S Pattern , Under the tide of history ,4S The store may be kept , However, it is limited to a few high-quality services 4S The store can not be eliminated .

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