The younger Geely's new SUV boyue x is younger than the pro and is expected to appear at the Chengdu auto show

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younger geely new suv boyue

Chengdu auto show counts with your fingers , Not for a few days ? This was supposed to open , He said to postpone , Later, it was said that the auto show could be reopened , It's later than scheduled 2 God . So these car companies are also a little caught off guard , This new car was originally scheduled to be released , I can't get on ?

TA I don't know whether to go or not , But we have to see the new car in advance . As the head force in domestic products , Geely is a big buyer in China , Recently, it came out that it was going to acquire Renault's technology contribution , I don't know whether it's true or not . But one thing is certain , Geely is “ Internal skill ” I'm going to be perfect again , Let me show you something better than Pro Younger , More powerful products .

In recent days, , Geely Auto official announcement , The new model of boyue family is named boyue X, This car will look 、 interior 、 Upgrade the driving experience and intelligent experience , The current Bo Yue Pro As the basis for building , But it must be a younger product . This model , The most promising time , It's just late 2 Days of Chengdu auto show .

Up to now , Geely didn't announce anything , But the suspected declaration picture of this car has been exposed before . Once auspicious, people felt calm , But when 95 When they started buying their first car , Geely obviously thinks it should have better looking products , Look at Chang'an Auchan's X, BMW X, Seems to be X This English is good , So in Geely boyue Pro On the overall basis of , The black forward air grille must expand infinitely under limited conditions , After all, this is the only way , To make “X” This shape can be presented perfectly , There are additional red decorative lines on both sides .

There is no interior picture yet , There is no definite news about the power , But since it is based on Bo Yue Pro, The power should also be 1.8T Four cylinder fuel engine and 1.5T Three cylinder fuel engine ?

Ghost car view : Tell the truth , I've driven Geely's car , It's very practical , Especially the recent auspicious star L, There are really no rivals in the same level . However, it is used in the products of Bo Yue series , It's really a little lacking in appearance , I just don't know what this car looks like . Are you interested in ? Leave me a message .

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