Beijing Municipal Commission of Education: timely publish the "white list" of off campus training institutions in batches

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On August 25, at the press conference on the "double reduction" of education in Beijing held by the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government, Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, introduced the progress of the "double reduction" of education in Beijing

In terms of risk prevention and disposal, the municipal special class has formulated risk prevention and disposal plans and dispute mediation measures, clearly strengthening policy interpretation, orderly safeguarding the interests of all parties, strengthening departmental coordination and linkage, etc. The China Association for private education also established a pre Litigation Mediation Center for out of school training disputes and disputes before mediation in the conflict between trainees and staff members and third parties. p>

At the same time, Beijing timely announced the "white list" (the list of off-campus training institutions for offline disciplines has been approved). In accordance with the relevant requirements of fund supervision, school running license, epidemic prevention and control, code of conduct, school running standards and so on (i.e. "1 + 1 + 3": fund supervision + school running license + guidelines for normalized epidemic prevention and control of out of school training institutions, code of conduct of out of school training institutions and school running standards of Beijing private education and training institutions (Provisional)), We will continue to strengthen the standardized management of discipline after-school training institutions, and the District Education commissions will publish the list of approved offline discipline after-school training institutions to the public in batches

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