Suspected price exposure, Saina Sienna is about to appear!

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suspected price exposure saina sienna

GAC Toyota Saina SIENNA Will be in 8 month 28 The Chengdu auto show was launched on the th , Rumor has it that there will be 5 models , introduction LE The price of the edition is 27.68 Ten thousand yuan ,XLE Version for 29.98 Ten thousand yuan , and LTD Version and LTD PLUS The selling prices of the two editions are 31.68 Million and $ 33.78 Ten thousand yuan , The last top match PLATINUM Version for 36.98 Ten thousand yuan

Of course, we have to wait until the official price is announced , At present, this price range can only be used as a reference . I wonder if all major manufacturers smell the opening of the three child policy , In this year MPV There are many new models on the market , And the race that domestic car fans have been looking forward to for a long time SIENNA, It's undoubtedly the weight of this time .

Speaking of Toyota MPV, Seems to associate with all kinds of high-end words , Because the price of domestic ELFA and wilfa has exceeded their own value , Obviously, the domestic Saina SIENNA Will be more people-friendly , And the body size is also the same as those two “ God car ” Quite a .

Saina SIENNA It can be understood as MPV Version of Toyota Highlander , But it has a much better ride experience in the middle and back , The power will also be equipped with the same hybrid system of hanlanda dual engine , The engine is 2.5L Naturally aspirated , with E-CVT transmission , And there are precursors and E-Four Electronic 4WD optional .

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