Selling cars and skills? Tesla considers open autopilot Technology

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selling cars skills tesla considers

In terms of autopilot , Tesla's topic has been high . recently , Tesla CEO elon musk · Asked about his attitude towards open source, musk said ,“ If other automakers want to be licensed and use Tesla's automatic driving technology on their cars , This will be a very cool thing , However, considering the high development cost of the system , Tesla will charge a certain fee .” It means , Tesla's fully autonomous driving (FSD) Maybe it will not only be reflected in Tesla models , It is also possible to go to other car brands .

As for when real automatic driving can be realized , Musk didn't say , Only mentioned in the Q & a session after the meeting , In the future, Tesla's driverless safety factor will reach four times that of human drivers . Musk thinks , When FSD(Full Self-Driving) When it finally reaches its full potential , It will make driving safer than ever , In theory, with the open source of software , More real data will be incorporated into the program , Further improve the security of the system .

however , Tesla has been in some trouble recently , The road of automatic driving is not smooth . Local time 8 month 16 Number , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announce , To Tesla Autopilot Automatic assisted navigation driving system to investigate , involve 2014 Produced since 76.5 Ten thousand electric cars , cover Model S/X/3/Y Four models .NHTSA Call... In the document ,2016 Investigations since 30 It involves Tesla Autopilot Systematic crash , All in all 10 People have been killed . Most of these accidents happen after dark , There are traffic cones on the site 、 Luminous arrow board and other fixed facilities .

Tesla and musk have been at the forefront of the research and development of automatic driving in the world , But recently, I have frequently encountered problems , Will it have more or less impact on the R & D and promotion of automatic driving , Let's continue to pay attention to .

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