The content of the copy is vulgar and insults women's dignity! Li Dan was fined 870000 yuan for publishing illegal advertisements

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content copy vulgar insults women

This year, 2 month 14 Japan , Li Dan posted an advertisement for lingerie on his microblog , call “ A device that allows women to easily win the workplace ”, And said ,“ I said there was nothing I couldn't bring , Just say believe it or not .”

2 month 24 Japan , The underwear brand advertised on Li's birthday apologized on Weibo , Express " Due to improper wording in marketing promotion , Discomfort to everyone , We apologize for , And the relevant contents were removed from the shelves for the first time ."25 Japan , Li Tan reprinted this microblog , said “ The wording is really inappropriate , I've been off the shelf for the first time , Apologize together .”

Many female netizens said they were offended , One netizen said :“ I'm disappointed , This basic EQ should have .” There were comments :“ Take vulgarity as humor .” Another netizen said :“ A lingerie brand , Almost all consumer groups are women , But in the promotion of their own products, they openly materialize 、 Discrimination against women , It's ironic. .”

Regarding this , Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau of Beijing said , Women are based in the workplace , It depends on ability and effort , The above advertisement will “ In the workplace ” And “ Underwear ” Hang up relationship , Sure “ Lie down and win the workplace ”, It is a kind of discrimination against women's hard work in the workplace , It's disrespect for women , The copy is vulgar , Humiliating women's dignity .

After investigation , The parties concerned do not charge a separate advertising fee for publishing the above advertisements . As a public figure, the party concerned uses its own popularity in the advertisement to recommend brand female underwear , It belongs to advertising endorsements , And have not used the product .

according to 《 Advertisement Law of the People's Republic of China 》 Article 9 ( 7、 ... and ) Regulations , This behavior constitutes the act of publishing illegal advertisements against the good social fashion ; meanwhile , The endorsements of the parties , A violation of the 《 Advertisement Law of the People's Republic of China 》 Paragraph 1 of Article 38 provides that , It constitutes the advertisement spokesman's recommendation for the unused goods 、 The act of proving . Sum up , Haidian District Bureau of market supervision of Beijing Municipality 2021 year 6 Administrative penalty will be imposed in June : First, confiscate the illegal income 225573.77 element ; Second, a fine 651147.54 element .

In recent years , Advertisements that discriminate against women are not uncommon , For example, at the beginning of this year, an advertisement promoting makeup removal products in the all cotton era was widely discussed in the society . The advertisement filmed a beautiful woman on her way home late at night , Followed by men , Then the woman was in a hurry , Take off your makeup in a second to scare away the gangsters , Successful self preservation . The video also has subtitles after the gangster sees the woman's plain face “ Vomit ” word , And vomit sound . This behavior builds advertising creativity on women's fear , Beautify the stalker , Vilify the victim , Arouse strong scolding and resistance from netizens .

Besides , Coconut tree and coconut juice, a job advertisement , call “ There's a car in school 、 A house 、 There's a high salary 、 There must be beautiful women and handsome men chasing ”, also 600 Wan Haijing room ,1000 10000 villas and other top treatment conditions , Caused the controversy of netizens . Final , Coconut group is suspected of violating the advertising law because of its advertising content , Filed for investigation by local regulatory authorities .

In vulgar porn 、 Sexist fringe crazy test advertisers 、 Endorsements , It is time to “ brake ” 了 .

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