3 treasure SUVs, although the sales volume is poor, the strength is extraordinary!

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treasure suvs sales poor strength

hello , Hello, everyone !

Sales volume has always been an important reference for everyone to buy a car , But a car with poor sales is certainly not worth buying ? These joint ventures mentioned today SUV, That is, the sales volume is not more than three digits . The product is too bad ? The design is not good ? There is no special ? Are not , But it just doesn't sell ! Even the sales are so bad that even netizens can't see it . But they are not good for nothing , If you don't consider the brand , You will buy these products, which are no more powerful than the mainstream SUV A bad model ?

Chevrolet pioneers

Price range :22.99-32.99 ten thousand
7 In sales :169 car
In fact, before looking at the sales volume , In my impression, pioneers can also sell four digit sales by blind guessing , The result was surprising , Typical product potential does not match actual performance . Cause this problem , It has something to do with GM's brand strategy for Chevrolet in China . Especially under the influence of Cadillac and Buick's price reduction , It is difficult for Chevrolet to survive in its own brand system . But putting aside objective factors , I still have a reason to recommend it .


1. The design style is more popular with young people
I seldom comment on the styling aesthetics of a car , After all, everyone's views deserve to be respected . but Pioneers in Chevrolet , Modeling style is really the highlight of its products . Compared to hannanda 、 Guandao gives you some sports style , But also take into account the design of a wider range of user ages , You can clearly feel the message of the pioneers , With other peers SUV In sharp contrast .
See the pioneers , My mind will pop up : sharp 、 Edge and other adjectives . In fact, the introduction of Chevrolet , In terms of design, there is a lot of sports Heritage , Including Mai Ruibao 、 cruze . The pioneer's front face is easy to associate with the Camaro sports car , I want to see this look , Few people say no , It's hard for you to find such a bright and thorough medium and large-scale sports design at your same level SUV.
Interior design , The pioneer is a typical Chevrolet style , Pay attention to functionality . This four spoke steering wheel , It looks like it was removed from the Chevrolet pickup and installed directly , But what the pioneers want is that rough masculine style . Including the design of the central control air outlet and the upper row of physical keys , Will remind you of the Camaro sports car , In the car interior, I often get you a dual screen 、 Under the trend of touch operation , The interior of the pioneer is very unique .
2. Power and chassis tuning movement
The blazers 2.0T+9AT powertrain , The specification is not low , It is indistinguishable from competitive products at the same level . at present , The whole new hanlanda series has been replaced with 2.5L hybrid , The power output must not be carried by the pioneers 2.0T strong . Crown, 2.0T In terms of parameters , Slightly higher than the pioneers, the gap is not big . The pioneer's engine , It also has closed cylinder technology , Can further improve fuel economy . Compared with the popular mainstream SUV, The pioneer has the least short board in power .
The pioneer's chassis is based on general purpose C1XX platform , Cadillac has also been launched on this platform XT6, The foundation of chassis specification is very high . In the sense of control , The pioneers have the same level SUV The tougher suspension adjustment , The vibration filtering action is very simple . The whole car doesn't feel like a big car. It's very flexible , Plus a clearer road feeling feedback , It is also more fun to drive than other models of the same level such as Highlander .

3.  Space and practicality are very good

If you say power and control , Not everyone buys SUV Everyone needs , But space and practicality , It must be a hard indicator . Pioneer's 5 A version of the , There is no disadvantage in space compared with the same level , The oversized rear compartment is very practical . and 7 The third row of the block , It's not exactly chicken ribs , At the same level as the new Highlander , Better than sharp . Consider again 30 Within ten thousand yuan , Looking for another adult in the third row SUV, Not much .


The price range after pioneer discount is :18-28 All around , The lowest price and the highest price are lower than the guide price respectively 4 All around . If you pursue function 、 Space , And don't rush to sell the car and plan to use it for a long time , Pioneers are really suitable . In the sense of design 、 Manipulation , In terms of functionality , Compared with the mainstream sales models , Its advantages are not weak .

Skoda Kodiak

Price range :17.79-24.79 Ten thousand yuan
7 In sales :2 car

Single digit sales , Has made me want to use …… To express silence to Kodiak . There is no problem with product strength , In a word, it is caused by brand factors . Although people who understand the public have bought Skoda , But with the constant price reduction of Volkswagen models , Skoda's living space is getting smaller and smaller .


1.  Design is more personalized

In appearance , Kodiak is better than the mainstream SUV Looks more alternative , It is difficult to directly summarize its style with luxury and sports , But for some consumers , It's not a bad thing . Looking at the Tiguan of the same level L、 Explore the mountain 、 Ang Kewei's design styles are more moderate , Or the feeling of public facebook , Wider acceptance , But it also means more “ Ordinary ”. Kodiak is fighting in his appearance SUV In groups , It's also a maverick .


The interior part is also , Although Kodiak is not a high-level , But at least it didn't copy the public Tu Guang L That kind of doll interior style , The whole central control style seems to have a sense of hierarchy . The whole interior style , Even compared to the mainstream SUV It doesn't fall .

2. Volkswagen power blessing
After all, there are people EA888 Power assembly support , Compared with Japanese medium-sized SUV Of 2.0L perhaps 2.5L Naturally aspirated , And small displacement turbocharging , Kodiak's sense of motivation is still outstanding . As a medium size SUV The advantages of power should not be underestimated .
The price range after Kodiak discount is 13-20 All around , Has entered the compact SUV Price range of . The appearance has personality 、 Volkswagen's mature powertrain 、 Ultra low terminal price , For those who like German SUV For consumers , Kodiak is undoubtedly Tiguan L outside , The most cost-effective choice with the same power and platform as Volkswagen .

Citroen C5 Aircross

Price range :15.97-22.97 Ten thousand yuan
7 In sales :370 car
I've heard that a car is cold , I've heard that a brand is cold , But have you ever heard of a car that's cold ? It's a car , When it comes to the performance of French cars in China , It's really like a roller coaster , How brilliant it used to be, how embarrassed it is now . Fade out of the mainstream consumer market , It's the most embarrassing thing about the legal system car represented by Citroen . Therefore, the whole legal system is shrouded in the haze of declining public opinion , And the models under the legal brand , It's even harder to stand out ! One of the most typical representatives is Tianyi C5 Aircross.


1. The specification of shock absorber is the best at the same level
Citroen spared no expense in suspension structure and materials , from C5 I've heard of it since the model , The rear suspension adopts aluminum alloy full frame structure , The damper is also arranged obliquely , With Goodyear F1 Tires provide good road handling and comfort . Citroen is one of the most proud innovations in shock absorber structure , Is carried at the entrance C6 Hydro pneumatic shock absorber .
Tianyi C5 Aircross Adopted PHC Adaptive shock absorber , Indirectly realize the advantages of previous oil-gas damping , Taking into account the cost , Its advantage is that it brings better comfort . Traditional shock absorbers hinder the structure , The damping setting is single , Either hard or soft ,PHC The advantage of is that the damping can be adjusted according to the road conditions , Improve the vehicle's comfort in different road conditions . So at the same level SUV among , No model will provide such a high specification shock absorber .
2. 1.8THP+8AT The power specification is not low
Tianyi C5 Aircross use Of 1.8T Can output 211 Horsepower and 300 cattle · rice , More than a part of the German Department 2.0T Low power engine , And carry 8AT The transmission , The power specification is not low . You can see the same compact CR- V、 Rongfang, etc The model uses a small displacement turbocharged or naturally aspirated engine , take load CVT The transmission .

In fact, in terms of power specifications , Tianyi C5 Aircross He is really a master who is easy to be ignored . 8AT The reliability of is also better than CVT, So in the calibration of power output , comparison CVT Better to play 1.8T The power advantage of .
3.  The texture of the interior is higher than that of Japanese competitors
In terms of interior details , Tianyi C5 Aircross It's also much better . Unique steering wheel design , The electronic stop lever adopts aircraft throttle valve , The center console is heavily covered with leather , The touch of the interior is also better than that of the Japanese SUV stronger , Less plastic smell , A little more French car's unique sense of detail design .


Tianyi C5 Aircross We can still see Citroen's insistence on riding and driving quality . If you prefer driving , And it's very comfortable on the chassis , This kind of SUV The cost performance is really worth considering . at present , The price range after the discount is :14-21 ten thousand . If you drive Tianyi C5 Aircross Then open the Japanese department at the same level SUV, You can easily feel the difference between the chassis and power .

These three cars , Do you think they are good cars buried by sales ? Welcome to comment below .



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