Cm Punk's first show ratings are open, creating miracles! He thought about coming back two years ago

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cm punk ratings open creating

Last Saturday, Beijing time , Seven years apart , front WWE The champion CM· Punk officially 《AEW: Rage 》 Middle comeback , This scene has also attracted extensive attention of sports lovers all over the world . We also reported for you yesterday ,CM· How big is Punk's comeback .

lately , Many wrestling fans have been asking about this issue last week 《AEW: Rage 》 What is the result of the program's ratings ?

Earlier today , Well known wrestling media Wrestlnomics Give data : Last week, 《AEW: Rage 》 The average audience rating of the program has reached amazing 112.9 ten thousand , This score is higher than the record set the previous week 74 Million still increased significantly , It can be seen that Punk's comeback has really attracted too many attention of wrestling fans .

It is reported that , this 112.9 Among ten thousand people , Yes 69.2 Ten thousand people are 18~49 A year old adult , The score has also achieved an unprecedented 0.53 branch . This result is except 2019 year 《AEW: Dynamite 》 Outside the premiere ,AEW The highest score of the program .

More Than This , Last week, 《AEW: Rage 》 The program has also made... In Canada 10.7 Million average ratings , It became one of the most popular programs in Canada last Friday night !

It must be noted that , because 《AEW: Rage 》 The program is broadcast at midnight , That's the evening of American time 10 spot ~11 spot . Create such achievements in this period of time , It is a very difficult thing .

And a number of wrestling media have made a direct statement : If the future 《AEW: Rage 》 Continue to broadcast in the midnight file , The possibility of breaking this achievement is very small , This is likely to become 《AEW: Rage 》 The highest ratings of the program ……

Yesterday we also reported to you CM· Punk mentioned in the program that he would invite the fans to eat ice cream , He also kept his promise , In the evening 15316 A wrestling fan , When they left the venue, they received a free one printed with CM· The ice cream with the special logo of punk comeback .

This ice cream bag with the special logo of punk comeback , It has also become another souvenir in the Wrestling World , Yesterday on an American second-hand platform website , Even with 1000 The price of US dollars was auctioned .

Just think we think this is AEW When designing a major welfare link , today , Responsible for making CM· Punk comeback special edition ice cream manufacturer Pretty Cool Ice Cream In their INS The account revealed : Actually, the scene 15000 The ice cream with many falling fans is not AEW Responsible for purchasing , But really by CM· Punks pay out of their own pocket !

and , They also revealed that punk found them two years ago , I hope they can make such a version of ice cream . It also means that ,CM· Punk was actually two years ago , I'm ready to return to the challenge arena !

According to foreign media reports , Punk wanted to design a special ice cream about itself long ago , Even he was WWE Effective time , He also advised the idea many times , But none has been adopted . Punk is 《TLC》 In the poster of the competition , He took an ice cream in his hand ; He was still WWE Through an ice cream with a picture of yourself T T-shirt .

Now in the AEW comeback , It can be regarded as fulfilling a punk dream .

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