Mao Amin is really an "aunt generation". She doesn't wear skirts and young men's clothes, but she unexpectedly looks young

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mao amin really aunt generation

Today's society , Delicate and beautiful women seem to be afraid to face their old self , Whether it's the stars in the entertainment industry or the general public , They all want to make themselves look at least young . So if you want to achieve this state , Then you have to make more efforts in your dressing collocation .

Like Mao Amin in a group of airport dressing , So I chose a black color system to wear , A clean feeling , There's really a sense of vision in young men's clothes , But unexpectedly young , Not the kui is a “ Aunt generation ” Qingliu .

And a little tweet hairstyle , Not only personality , And a sense of vitality . From this, we can see that Mao Amin has really grasped the age reduction effect of this suit very well .

One : Analysis of the wearing style of the Mao Amin airport

1: Make good use of print elements to embellish the same color department

“ The same color system ” I'm wearing , Although it's easier to wear out the effect , But we also need to pay attention to alleviating its own monotonicity , So as to make the shape more full .

Mao Amin is in her black shape , Add some irregular printing elements at the bottom of the trouser waist , It not only enriches the modeling , You can also show your youth by highlighting your personality .

Knowledge point : In addition to adding printing elements to the same color to enhance the expression , We can also match the single product combination of different fabrics in the same color to show the hierarchical sense of modeling .

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