From Wu Yifan, Huo Zun and Qian Feng, stars can't be powerful! Finally cut into the entertainment industry

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wu yifan huo zun qian

I remember seeing an interview before , Ask an old man which star he likes ? The old man disdained to say , I don't like any stars , These stars can't be powerful , It can only harm the next generation . Now children's ideal is to be a big star and make a lot of money , No one wants to be a scientist anymore .

The old man went on : Just take care of your children , Never let them take the road of entertainment in the future . The woman's parents are sad , Men's prison food is not delicious , Also distressed . This road will only sink deeper and deeper , I'd rather they work hard , Or learn a skill .

From Wu Yifan , To Huo Zun , Then to Qian Feng , Scandals all come out ! There are so many ripe melons , This year's melons are really big . It seems that the entertainment industry is in a mess , It's just the tip of the iceberg . It shows that stars can't be powerful, but they will harm the country , Fortunately, , I'm finally going to cut into the entertainment industry .

There are more or less these phenomena in all walks of life , But the entertainment industry faces the public , Their actions can guide the public . Although the economic development will not be controlled by the entertainment industry , But it will be deeply affected , And deeply rooted .

I think it's time to clean up the entertainment industry , We should not let these people with three wrong views guide the public , Especially the teenagers , A strong youth is a strong country , Youth wisdom is national wisdom . If nothing else , Control the income of people in the entertainment industry , Just like the income of ordinary enterprise employees . It is estimated that it can greatly reduce the crime rate , Children don't concentrate on the entertainment industry .

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