Beijing has inspected online and offline training institutions for more than 10000 times, and fined and confiscated more than 15 million yuan

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beijing inspected online offline training

8 month 25 Japan , Held at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government “ Double subtraction ” At the work press conference , Deputy chief of Beijing comprehensive law enforcement corps of market supervision 、 Introduction of supervisor He Jie , The Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision strictly implements the policies of the central and municipal Party committees “ Double subtraction ” Work decision deployment , Strong response from the masses 、 The out of school training institutions with high social concern are in chaos , Concentrate on strengthening law enforcement , Strictly investigate and deal with the unlicensed running of the off campus training institutions 、 Publishing illegal advertisements 、 Price fraud and other illegal acts .

since this year on , The market supervision department of the whole city has investigated and handled some typical cases , Effectively cracked down on the illegal acts of off campus training institutions , Maintain the education ecology . The comprehensive law enforcement corps of Beijing municipal market supervision 、 New Oriental 、 Garth 、 Who to learn from 4 Each institution gives 50 Ten thousand yuan or 70 Administrative penalty of ten thousand yuan fine , Help with homework 、 Ape counseling 2 Each institution gives 250 An administrative penalty of ten thousand yuan , And concentrated exposure . The market supervision department of Chaoyang District gave false publicity to Beijing XueDa Information Technology Group Co., Ltd 、 Publishing illegal advertisements 、 Price fraud and other illegal acts shall be fined 123.5 Administrative penalty of ten thousand yuan .

Up to now , Market supervision departments at all levels in Beijing dispatched law enforcement personnel 18218 Person time , Check offline training institutions 9996 Home time , Check online training institutions 2107 Home time , Receive clues from the Education Department 182 strip , Carry out joint law enforcement with education and other departments 228 Time , Cumulative filing 586 Pieces of , Closing a case 233 Pieces of , punish 172 Pieces of , The total amount of fines and confiscations is 1534.54 Ten thousand yuan .

The central 、 The Beijing municipal “ Double subtraction ” After the introduction of opinions , The market supervision department will promptly investigate and deal with illegal acts of running schools without certificates , Shut down training institutions outside schools without certificates as the focus of law enforcement , Jointly with the administrative department of Education 《 Law on the promotion of private education 》 Relevant regulations put on file the illegal act of running a school without a certificate 141 Pieces of , Beijing Tianlang Qiqing Education Consulting Co., Ltd 、 Beijing Qidi Xianxian Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Mentougou branch 、 Leisurely rock ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd 、 Beijing Boshi Jingyu Education Consulting Co., Ltd 、 Beijing baiyilin Technology Co., Ltd 63 Unlicensed training institutions stopped running schools , Impose a fine 311.33 Ten thousand yuan .

next step , Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration will further implement “ Double subtraction ” Job requirements , Pay close attention to public opinion clues in the field of off campus training , Continue to strengthen the law enforcement of after-school training institutions , Heavily investigate and deal with unlicensed schools 、 False publicity and false advertising 、 Price fraud 、 Violations of laws and regulations such as infringing on consumers' rights and interests by using standard terms of the contract , Strictly standardize the operation order of the education market . meanwhile , Through TV 、 newspaper 、 Official website 、 Official account and other ways , The nature of follow-up investigation is bad 、 Greater impact 、 Typical cases of public concern were exposed .

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