Beijing: the existing discipline training institutions are uniformly registered as non-profit institutions and shall not "pay dividends"

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beijing existing discipline training institutions

8 month 25 Japan , Held at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government “ Double subtraction ” At the work press conference , Member of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party committee 、 Zhao Xuegang, deputy director of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, introduced , Office of the State Council of the people's Republic of China 《 Opinions on further reducing students' homework burden and off campus training burden in the stage of compulsory education 》 Put forward :“ All localities will no longer approve new discipline after-school training institutions for students at the stage of compulsory education , The existing discipline training institutions are uniformly registered as non-profit institutions ”.

according to “ Double subtraction ” Municipal special class work plan , The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is mainly responsible for the registration and management of non-profit legal persons of off campus training institutions .

according to 《 Provisional Regulations on the registration and administration of private non enterprise units 》( State Council Order No 251) The spirit of ,“ Business to non business ” The work also implements a dual management system , Among them, the education department is the business competent unit , Responsible for pre license approval and daily business management ; The civil affairs department acts as the registration authority , Be responsible for legal person registration, supervision and inspection .

There are four main procedures for the legal person registration of private non enterprise units : First, apply . The applicant has obtained... In the education department first 《 School license 》 And other approval documents , Then apply to the civil affairs department at the same level for legal person registration . Second, review . The civil affairs department shall review the authenticity of the submitted materials 、 Legitimacy . Third, approve . The civil affairs department shall make a decision to approve the registration according to law . Make corrections for unqualified requirements . Fourth, issue certificates . Issue the legal person registration certificate to those who meet the requirements , And make a timely announcement .

Registered as a people run non enterprise unit , Not for profit , No contribution shall be made to the contributor 、 The founder or members distribute profits , At the same time, activities must be carried out in strict accordance with the articles of Association , Attend the annual inspection on time , Actively accept the management of the business competent unit and the registration administration authority .

The civil affairs department will earnestly implement “ The first person in charge ”“ One time notification ” and “ Completed in ” And so on , Provide high-quality and efficient services to Applicants . The Ministry of Education 、 The Ministry of civil affairs and others are studying “ Business to non business ” Work related policies , After the document is issued , The city will pay close attention to the implementation in accordance with the requirements of the higher authorities .

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