Successfully launch 2 arrows and 4 stars in 5 hours! This measurement and control team has made great contributions

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successfully launch arrows stars hours

2021 year 8 month 24 Japan 19 when 15 Points and 23 when 41 branch , China has successively launched fusion test satellites 01/02 star ( Another carrying star ) And communications technology test satellite 7 , Xi'an Satellite TT & C center is the main unit of TT & C system , Successfully complete the multi-point parallel measurement and control task , The ability of the center to perform parallel launch measurement and control tasks has been tested again .

“ Finding goals !”“ Tracking is normal !” During the mission , Under the unified dispatching command of Xi'an Center , Multiple measurement and control stations successively track and measure , Data acquisition is complete and valid , Information processing and transmission are correct , The software and hardware run stably , The communication information link is unblocked . After a series of operation control , The satellites on the rocket entered the predetermined orbit one after another , Establish normal working conditions .

In recent years , China's space launch missions continue to maintain a high density , The number of tasks per year has jumped from more than a dozen a decade ago to 50 or 60 . For Xi'an Satellite TT & C center, which undertakes all the tasks of space TT & C in and out of China , It has become normal to prepare several measurement and control tasks in parallel . So , The center enables a new generation of central computer system , Actively optimize task software , Differentiated sharing 、 special , Build a modular framework , Greatly shorten the task preparation time , It effectively improves the ability of multi task parallel execution .

Besides , Located far apart , The measurement and control station responsible for uploading and issuing various data instructions also shoulders an arduous task . They use satellites to manage mission gaps for a long time , Strengthen equipment maintenance, shift training and practical operation drill of test personnel , Gradually enrich and improve the content of problem scenarios , Enhance the pertinence of training , Take two consecutive missions as an opportunity , Further improve the comprehensive measurement and control ability and quality of participants .

According to the person in charge of the center , at present , Xi'an Satellite TT & C center can be located in Jiuquan, China 、 taiyuan 、 Xichang 、 When the four launch sites in Wenchang are carrying out launch missions at the same time , Provide reliable measurement and control support for synchronization , In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of China's aerospace industry , The center will continue to improve its measurement and control capability , With 100% Success rate of , Complete the subsequent launch measurement and control tasks .

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