Heartache! The waste is piled up more than one person high, and many hundred year old trees are surrounded by garbage

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heartache waste piled person high

Trash 、 Waste cartons 、 Broken furniture 、 Black rubber products …… At the southwest corner of Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum and the junction of Beijing Yucai School , Some ancient trees are surrounded by garbage . In recent days, , Some citizens reported to this newspaper , These ancient trees are older than 300 year , Look at these big trees sinking “ rubbish dump ”, It's heartbreaking , We are eager for relevant departments to intervene in the clean-up and rectification .

yesterday , After receiving feedback from the public , The reporter immediately rushed to the ancient Museum in Beijing . Enter the gate of Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum , Turn left to the worship hall , You can see a pile of garbage piled up in the southwest corner of the worship Hall 、 Green net and broken bricks and tiles , Although it's unsightly , But this is not what the reporter is looking for . Next to this pile of garbage is a green fence , The enclosure is printed with lush trees . Use the enclosure gap , The reporter saw that there was also a barbed wire fence in the enclosure , Inside the net is a pile of garbage and waste products with a height of more than one person , Ancient trees are besieged by dead grass 、 Old furniture 、 In a lot of garbage such as broken bricks and stones .

Under the ancient tree, there is a pile of garbage with a height of more than one person .

Because of the fence 、 Barbed wire and climbing green plants , It is difficult to count how many ancient trees are besieged at the scene , But according to the appearance and shape of ancient trees , These besieged trees are similar to the ancient trees outside the enclosure . These ancient trees have been hung outside the enclosure “ Old trees ( Class A )” Protection board , The card is printed with QR code , After scanning the code, it displays , These ancient trees are Platycladus orientalis , It has been 300 Annual tree age , The trees are already tall 10 meters .

Outside the enclosure , The old tree brand shows that the Platycladus orientalis has 310 Years of history .

“ I used to play when I was a child , These ancient trees are hundreds of years old .”“ Ancient trees are surrounded by garbage , There are also neighbors to 12345 Citizen hotline complaints , Some departments reported that they would clean up , Later, it was said that it had been cleaned up , But now there's more garbage piled up .” Residents who live nearby say .

On the afternoon of the , A person in charge of the territorial overpass street said , Will immediately send someone to check on site . And then , Two law enforcement officers rushed to the scene , Determined where the ancient trees were besieged . One of the players said , They will contact Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum and Beijing Yucai School as soon as possible , Determine the ancient tree conservation unit , And require the responsible unit to clean up and rectify .

This morning, , Beijing Landscaping Bureau said , The garden department where the management and protection of ancient trees belong is responsible for . The reporter then contacted Xicheng District Landscaping Bureau . A person in charge said , Will immediately contact the garden management section ,“ Professional departments shall go to the site to verify , If such problems persist , We will certainly take timely measures to solve .”

And then , The reporter called Beijing Yucai School , A person in charge told reporters , He knows about it , And has negotiated with the garden Department of Xicheng District , Now we are ready to start cleaning up the garbage .

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