The new color of united beauty brand Hongguang miniev macarone was released on September 2

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new color united beauty brand

Easy car - In recent days, , From SAIC GM Wuling officials , It will be officially launched for users today “ Wuling girl new product release Officer ” recruit , And in 9 month 2 Hongguang was released on the th MINIEV Makaron autumn , Realize the real relationship between brand and users “ play ” together .

It is reported that Wuling officials will recruit “ Wuling girl new product release Officer ”, stay 9 month 2 Japan -9 month 5 Invite them to stand on the stage at the day tide makeup party C Share the of Wuling girls “ Travel secret ”, Heavy release Hongguang MINIEV Makaron autumn , Capture the fashion color trend in creating and playing together .

This fashion party is not only a new cross-border attempt between Wuling and the perfect diary , It is also Wuling's first choice to jointly create a press conference in the form of users , Wuling girl personally releases her favorite products , Create a new fashion travel culture .

It is reported that ,8 month 25 Japan —8 month 29 Japan , Users participate in recruitment activities by bringing official topics , That is, the opportunity to launch new products on site , Get more surprise benefits .

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