Baojun Kiwi EV was listed on August 31, with a pre-sale of 69800 yuan

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baojun kiwi ev listed august

Easy car - We learned from official sources , baojun KiWi EV Will be in 8 month 31 The selling price is published online on the th . As Baojun E300 The new model of , baojun KiWi EV It adopts a new naming form , The previously announced pre-sale prices were designer version 6.98 Ten thousand yuan , Artist Edition 7.88 Ten thousand yuan .

baojun KiWi EV Mass production version of the real car to the store

In terms of shape ,KiWi EV Compared with the previous generation —— baojun E300 There is no change , It's just a big innovation in body color . Appearance configuration , The new car is equipped with a two-color body as standard 、 Concealed door handle 、LED high-mount stop lamp 、 Xingyao aluminum wheel . The high configuration version is also equipped with LED Electric adjustment function of daytime running lamp and exterior rearview mirror .

Come into the car ,KiWi EV Provide shallow 、 Dark two color schemes . The light color interior is matched with dark gray contrast color ; Dark interior with classic carbon black and rose gold .KiWi EV The interior is made of environmentally friendly materials , Standard passenger seat, manual one key in and out 、 Driver's seat 6 Adjust to manual 、 Rear independent seats 、PM2.5 Filter, etc .

motivation ,KiWi EV The official NEDC Mileage to 305km, In terms of charging mode, it provides two charging modes: household slow charging and DC fast charging . DC fast charging mode , Electricity comes from 30% Charge to 80% Only 1 Hours . Daily slow charging ,KiWi EV Provide 7kW Household charging pile and 220V Three hole socket charging , Household charging post 4~5 Hours to fill .

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