The new model of Gaohe hiphi x will appear in Chengdu auto show and use luxense silicone leather

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new model gaohe hiphi appear

Easy car - recently , We learned from the official of Gaohe automobile , Use LUXSENSE High closure of silicone leather HiPhi X 6 The seat version will appear in Chengdu auto show . This new material is jointly made by Chinese express and dow , Anti wrinkle 、 Easy to clean , Performance persistence .

LUXSENSE Silicone leather material , It is an innovative material built by Chinese express and Dow for three years . It not only has a unique skin touch and delicate hand feel , More wear resistance 、 Aging resistance 、 Antifouling property 、 The flame retardancy has reached a new level , Anti fold 、 Easy to clean , Long lasting superior performance , And does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , Bring a safe and healthy experience .

Gao He HiPhi X The overall body shape is very avant-garde 、 motion , The length, width and height of the car body are respectively 5200/2062/1618mm, The wheelbase is 3150mm. its NT Flapping doors 、 Programmable intelligent headlights and completely cancelled door handles are refreshing .

HiPhi X The headlight system consists of two parts , Including PML Programmable intelligent headlights and ISD Intelligent interactive light . Intelligent headlights above , With us at Mercedes Benz S The digital matrix headlights seen on the stage are the same , You can also project text in front 、 Zebra crossing and other rich information , Enhance safety during driving . The intelligent interactive light below , Can show a variety of different expressions or symbols .

On the interior ,HiPhi X It well explains the design concept of defining functions with scenes , Let's take a simple example , When you turn on the meditation or waking mode of the vehicle , Vehicles don't respond to you with a single device , But through the linkage sound 、 The screen 、 The seat 、 Air conditioner , And fragrance systems to give you a full range of sensory stimulation .

The four seat model focuses on the luxury atmosphere , The left and right independent seats in the rear row are soft and wrapped , The seats will perform better than the six seat version , There is also a small table in the back 、 Luxury configurations such as refrigerator and champagne rack .

Dynamic part ,HiPhi X Two and four-wheel drive models will be provided in the future , The maximum power of the two-wheel drive version 220kW、 Maximum torque 410Nm, The maximum power and torque of 4WD models are 440kW and 800Nm, The fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.9 second . Chassis parts , The new car is also equipped with air suspension and rear wheel steering .

Range ,HiPhi X The ternary lithium battery provided by Ningde times is adopted , The total capacity of the battery pack is 83kWh/97kWh,NEDC The endurance mileage under working conditions are respectively 550km( Benchmark version )/630km( Long range version ).

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