Who comes first and who comes later? Beijing Dongcheng announces teacher cadre rotation plan

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comes comes later beijing dongcheng

8 month 25 Japan , Held at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government “ Double subtraction ” At the work press conference , Deputy Secretary of Education Working Committee of Dongcheng District Party committee 、 Gao Wei, director of the District Education Commission, introduced the promotion of double reduction in the district and the exchange and rotation of cadres and teachers in compulsory education schools .

Gao Wei introduced , In recent years , Dongcheng District innovates the school district management mode , Explore new ways of resource sharing including human resources . We will continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of compulsory education , Break through the barriers of inter school cadre and teacher management , Improve intercollegiate communication 、 Learning interval 、 Exchange and rotation mechanism in the region , Gradually explore “ District management school recruitment ” Long term management experience , Continuously expand the coverage of high-quality management resources and educational resources , Cadres and teachers have completed the work of “ School people ” towards “ School district people ” Again to “ System man ” The shift from recognition to tenure . Dongcheng District has therefore been rated as one of the first batch of cities in China by the Ministry of education “ District management school recruitment ” Demonstration area .

Dongcheng District strives to build on the original experience and achievements , Press stubble and start a new round of cadre and teacher exchange and job rotation , To develop 《 We will deepen the work plan for promoting the exchange and rotation of cadres and teachers in compulsory education schools 》, With “ Strengthen the party's overall leadership over the exchange of cadres and teachers ”“ Teachers before cadres 、 First primary school and then junior middle school 、 First backbone, then ordinary ”“ Intercollegiate , Across school districts , cross-level ” And “ Full coverage , Overall planning , The whole subject ” For principle , Give full play to the deep alliance 、 Nine years of consistent 、 The high-quality resource belt and the leading role of excellent talents of the education group , In this school year, the exchange of cadres and teachers shall be realized, and the rotation of posts shall not be less than 2000 people . Strive to spend three years , Build to meet the needs 、 Scientific and smooth educational talent allocation and use mechanism , Realize school cadres and teachers in the stage of compulsory education in Dongcheng District 100% Exchange rotation .

Dongcheng District will start from ordinary teachers 、 Cadres and teachers are selected and exchanged at three levels: backbone teachers and excellent cadres , Formulate specific measures by category , The education group will play the leading role of leading schools , Send outstanding cadres and backbone teachers to make overall distribution in the whole region ; General primary school 、 Junior high schools send new teachers or potential excellent young teachers to the leading schools of the education group for full-time exchange and rotation ; around “ The principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party organization ”, To realize the inter school exchange of cadre resources 、 Cross group 、 Across school districts 、 Cross regional configuration, etc .

Besides , Dongcheng focuses on education and people's livelihood , Improve people's actual access to , Take the temple of heaven - Focus on yongdingmenwai school district , Further enhance the high-quality brand radiation efficiency of seven education groups and district education science research institutes , Explore the school district in the area 、 The group's high-quality educational resources cover .

meanwhile , Strengthen the main role of classroom , advance “ Normal course quality engineering ”, To the classroom 40 Minutes to quality ! Build a model course with famous subject base as the core , Supported by information means , implement “ Double teacher synchronous classroom ”. Establish grade based groups 、 The overall management mechanism of homework headed by the teaching and research group and the publicity system of homework in the school , Improve the quality of job design 、 Control the total amount , Effectively reduce students' homework burden .

Named after the Ministry of education “ Typical cases of after-school service in Compulsory Education ” Area as an opportunity , Guarantee the time of after-school service 、 rich content 、 Make new exploration in the aspects of highlighting characteristics , We must strive to realize the compulsory education school 、 Students with different needs participate in the full coverage 、 After class service at 3:30 every day 、 Every Monday to Friday . One side , Carry out classroom extension counseling , According to their aptitude 、 Improve the excellence and supplement the weakness ; On the other hand , Carry out comprehensive quality activities , Pay special attention to strengthening after-school physical exercise and labor education , Help students develop in an all-round way .

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