There are n cars under Qian Feng's name. The public knows that there are two models: Maybach 57s and Weilai es8

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According to incomplete verification , Qian Feng has N Vehicles , Only two are known to the public , One is Maybach 57S, Second, Wei Lai ES8.

Ma Yun's car is Maybach 62S, Qian Feng's younger brother is shorter than Ma Yun's , Lower end ,57S With a V12 6.0T turbogenerator , Maximum horsepower 612 horse , Maximum torque 1000N·m, The entry configuration has reached 500 More than ten thousand , It is said that Qian Feng's is a high-end product , Land on 1000 individual W about , In the end, his background is very rich , Or is the entertainment industry really making so much money ?

Maybach was later acquired by Mercedes Benz due to poor management , Now Maybach is called Mercedes Benz S Maybach , Just better than Mercedes Benz S It's a little more expensive , Like a Mercedes S450 Maybach only 100 More , Just like the old Maybach 1000 There's no way to compare .

The second one , yes 2019 Wei Lai purchased in ES8, Stars , The economy is already free , Just want to pursue something new , As for whether it can drive , I don't care at all .

ES8 The top selling price 62.8 ten thousand , It's not cheap , It seems that we can't underestimate the Wei on the road in the future , Maximum torque 725N·m, as everyone knows , Electric cars accelerate fast , High torque , But the Vela torque of this top is not as good as Maybach , You can imagine how fierce Maybach .

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