Is this car more eye-catching in fashion? At present, the maximum discount of Asian lion is 6000 yuan, starting from 136800 yuan

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car eye-catching eye catching fashion

A car dealer in Qingyuan recently announced Asian lion's preferential market in the region : At present, Asia lion has the highest discount for car purchase 0.6 Ten thousand yuan ,13.68 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Asian lions . In terms of appearance , FAW Toyota Asian lion and corolla have the same thing , The overall style is magnificent 、 grace , Low center of gravity design , The low and medium mesh is decorated with multiple silver decorative strips , Asian Dragon on both sides “ Tusks ” Shaped air inlet with chrome trim , A sense of delicacy arises . The body side , Shorter front and rear , And smooth 、 Side door panel without broken line treatment , Can find Carola's shadow . And the design of the window , especially C The angle of the column is sharper than that of the triangular window , It has some Asian Dragon Charm . The specific term , The door surface is only outlined by a high waist line on the upper edge , Match with the concave treatment below , The light technique makes the side look more generous . meanwhile , The swooping waistline and sliding back design , It also makes the side look dynamic . in addition , Window frame 、 door handle 、 The side skirts are also decorated with chrome plated strips , collocation 18 Inch silver gray dense spoke wheel hub , Further enhance the refinement of the body . At the rear of the car , The tail lights of Asian lions are polygonal , And adopts the popular through design , The back surround does not use complex modeling design , With concealed exhaust layout , It looks more holistic . interiors , Asian lions are more delicate than Carola . We can see that , Asiatic lion adopts large central control screen and full LCD instrument , But will it be the standard configuration of the whole series , It's hard to say yet . The style of the steering wheel is not surprisingly Toyota family style . As based on Toyota TNGA New architecture A+ Sedan , Asian lions are all standard 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , With the Asian Dragon 、 lexus ES Enjoy the same " treatment ". Its compression ratio reaches 13:1, The thermal efficiency of the engine also reaches 40%, And Suteng 1.4T The thermal efficiency of the engine is 37%, Simply put, this engine has low fuel consumption 、 Strong power . in addition , Can be simulated 10 Fast CVT The gearbox is equipped with a starting gear to ensure fast starting , The transmission is only in 2-10 Steel belt transmission is adopted for the gear , It can take into account the lightness and pleasure of starting and CVT The smoothness of . All Asian lions are standard TSS 2.0 Toyota Zhixing safety system , It mainly includes pre collision safety system (PCS)、 Lane Departure Warning System (LDA)、 Dynamic radar cruise control system (DRCC) And automatic high beam system (AHB) Four functions . Including full speed adaptive cruise control 、 Lane tracking maintenance 、 A series of auxiliary driving functions such as active braking , Can achieve L2 Level of autopilot .

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