The newly decorated house suffered water leakage, and the water leakage of the old house almost "cooled" the neighborhood

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newly decorated house suffered water

In the old community , It is not uncommon for houses to leak . In Mingguang Beili community, Haidian District , The house here is old , Downstairs is the new resident who just moved in , Live in a new house just 10 The next day, there was a leak at home , The spearhead is directed at the residents upstairs . And through further examination , Two households found the leaking pipe between the two floors , There is no property in the community , The pipe can't be repaired . Because communication is not smooth , The leaking pipe not only failed to repair , The two sides are still very unhappy . face 12345 Citizen hotline return visit , Mr. Wu, a resident downstairs, commented 4 individual “ dissatisfied ”, Ms. Wang who lives upstairs is also full of grievances .

The newly decorated house is leaking

Mr. Wu moved to Mingguang Beili community for a short time .7 At the beginning of , Just finished decorating the house 10 To day , He found water dripping from the kitchen roof .

Roof leakage , Wu Xian naturally thought that there was a problem with the water pipe of his neighbor's house on the second floor . So , He went upstairs many times or called , Communicate with Ms. Wang, the neighbor upstairs .“ At first, I cooperated with , But later it was said that their house was not leaking , The phone can't communicate , Knock and don't open the door .” Mr. Wu said in distress , Seeing the roof leaking, ticking , Plastic pots one after another , He had to call 12345 Citizen hotline complaints , Seek community and street help .

Complaints against Mr. Wu , Ms. Wang who lives upstairs is also full of grievances .“ At first we cooperated very well , They have entered the house 3 Time , The floor drain is also opened to find out the reason , We also hired a supervisor , The supervisor said the problem was not in my house .” Ms. Wang said , Later, she didn't want to continue to communicate , Mainly dissatisfied with the other party's attitude ,“ It's not a big deal to fix a leak , The maintenance fee is not much , But the other party insisted that there was something wrong with my family , I feel responsible .”

7 month 16 solstice 7 month 29 Japan , Mr. Wu has called many times 12345 Citizen Hotline , And even comment on the return call 4 individual “ dissatisfied ”. Water leakage is difficult to repair , The communication between the two sides is at an impasse . Mr. Wu called our newspaper , About the troubles facing his family . The reporter soon contacted the Mingguang Beili community neighborhood committee .

“ We've been trying to coordinate .” Wu Xiaomei, Secretary of the community party branch, said , The neighborhood committee has always hoped to mediate the contradictions between the two sides , Should not intensify disputes ,“ At that time, the two sides said no, so they took the way of litigation . But distant relatives are better than close neighbors , Something like a leak , Litigation is not a good way to solve the problem , It takes time 、 energy 、 The cost of money is very high , therefore , We want to resolve the problem at the grass-roots level through mediation .”

The reporter learned that ,7 month 16 Japan , Mr. Wu came to the community , Ask the community to help mediate the problem of water leakage maintenance . On the spot , The community called Ms. Wang, the neighbor upstairs , But the phone didn't get through . And then , The community sent two staff to Ms. Wang's house , No one answered at the door .

At noon that day , Community received 12345 The citizen hotline receives the dispatch order . When contacting Ms. Wang again , The other party insisted that they had cooperated with the downstairs maintenance . Wu Xiaomei immediately said , I hope both sides can sit down and have a good talk . However , The first meeting failed because it was difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement . In communication , After hearing that the neighbors downstairs still insisted that the problem was in their own home , Ms. Wang left angrily .

The dispute between the two sides is escalating . Wu Xiaomei is worried that the meeting and negotiation between the two sides may intensify the contradiction again , They began to change their strategy , Persuade the parties individually . Yes, Mr. Wu , Wu Xiaomei said :“ The house is leaking , The most urgent thing is you . But they are all neighbors , See you next time 、 During telephone negotiation , We have to have a good attitude first .” Yes, Ms. Wang , She said :“ Think about it. , The first floor is also in a hurry , The roof leaks every day , Who can leave home without bothering ? Besides, , Our building is old , Long term water leakage also affects the safety of the building . Upstairs and downstairs , I can't look up. I can't look down , As the saying goes, a distant relative is better than a close neighbor , We still have to cooperate to find out the leak .”

In the process of coordinating contradictions , I didn't expect another accident . Ms. Wang reported that the ground floor drain was broken due to finding the leakage point , Cause mice to enter the house .“ I've been afraid of mice since I was a child , They also climbed up the ceiling , It keeps making noises at night , Can you handle it first ?”

Wu Xiaomei reported the problem to Beitaipingzhuang street and the command center immediately after receiving the complaint . The command center pointed out , Enquiries can be made to the property management section , See if you can send qualified professionals to check . meanwhile , The street also responded , A professional killing company has been arranged to kill for Ms. Wang's home .

Sign the maintenance agreement and fix the missing points

The rat disease is eliminated immediately , After moving , Ms. Wang agreed to have an interview with her neighbors on the first floor .“ Secretary Xiaomei called me again and again , I am very moved. .” She said . Almost simultaneously , Mr. Song, Mr. Wu's friend, also went to the community neighborhood committee , Said they were willing to bear the relevant maintenance costs .

8 month 2 Early in the morning , Guangming Beili community neighborhood committee meeting room , After multiple rounds of single line mediation , Two neighbors and Wang Ping, the full-time mediator of the street judicial office 、 Wu Xiaomei and others finally negotiated face-to-face , Determine the construction scheme on how to repair , Agreed entry date .

At the coordination meeting , Ms. Wang first talked about her grievances , And said he was ready for litigation , But she said she would take a step back .“ Xiaomei , It's you who keep persuading me every day , I was moved by you . In fact, what a big thing , I'll press the fire , Take this breath .”

At the coordination meeting , Mr. song also talked about the wall of Mr. Wu's house 、 The cabinet cracked due to water leakage .“ aunt , We can't always let people drip, can we ? We are all young , Young and vigorous , As a representative, I apologize to you , Let him ( Mr. Wang, ) Pay for maintenance , You should be more patient , It's over , We'll be good neighbors in the future .”

On the spot , Mr. Song scanned the code and paid Ms. Wang the relevant maintenance costs , And Ms. Wang also signed the agreement to cooperate with the maintenance mediation .

The maintenance personnel are looking for the leak .

8 month 23 On the afternoon of Sunday , The reporter received the news from Mingguang Beili community neighborhood committee , The leak in Mr. Wu's house has been completely repaired .

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