The Chinese Army provided the third batch of 500000 doses of vaccine to Cambodia

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chinese army provided batch doses

According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, on the afternoon of August 23, the Cambodian government held a ceremony at Phnom Penh International Airport to welcome the third batch of 500000 doses of new crown vaccine provided by the Chinese army to Cambodia free of charge

On behalf of the Cambodian Ministry of defense, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and defense minister Diban expressed his most sincere thanks to the Chinese government and army for their long-term support and help to Cambodia. He introduced that at present, the Cambodian government is promoting the "youth new crown vaccination" and launched the "new crown vaccination". China is the strategic reliance of Cambodia's new crown vaccine supply, and believes that China's vaccine will play an important role in Cambodia's containment of COVID-19. p>

Chinese ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian said that since February this year, there has been a serious rebound in the epidemic in Cambodia. According to the Cambodian demand, China's government and army have intensified efforts to help Cambodia to provide vaccines and anti epidemic materials, and to help Cambodia fight COVID-19. Today is the sixth time that China has donated the new crown vaccine to Cambodia. Chinese vaccine has played an important role in establishing virus immune barrier for Cambodia

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