To narrow the gap between urban and rural schools, Miyun District will promote the rotation of teachers and cadres

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8 month 25 Japan , Held at the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's government “ Double subtraction ” At the work press conference , Zhang Wenliang, Secretary of the Education Working Committee of Miyun District Party committee, introduced , In order to continuously narrow the gap between urban and rural schools , The district took the lead in implementing the post rotation exchange system of urban and rural cadres and teachers in the city , After continuous exploration and practice , Gradually formed with “ Policy guidance 、 Regional planning 、 In various forms 、 Reasonable flow 、 Promote balance 、 Improve the quality ” For principle , The goal is to help rural schools improve the quality of education and teaching and the level of running schools , With “ Cadres and teachers take turns 、 Part time communication 、 Discipline guidance 、 Counterpart communication ” As the main form of cadre teacher exchange and job rotation mechanism .

Miyun District strictly regulates off campus training , Do a good job “ Three limits ”“ Three stricts ”, Further strengthen daily supervision , Bring discipline training institutions into Beijing “ Information supervision platform ”, Realize online supervision . Strictly prevent illegal classes 、 The problems of taking classes in disguise and private Discipline Training in non discipline institutions appear . Curb excessive charges and excessive profit seeking behavior . meanwhile , Strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the school , Do it conscientiously “ Three improvement ”. One is the optimization method , Improve the quality of school education . Take improving the quality of education as the central task , Let heuristic and research become the norm of classroom teaching , Promote the all-round development of students and the improvement of teachers' professional level . Second, standardize behavior , Improve the level of operation management . Improve the operation management system , Standardize teachers' assignment behavior , Strengthen teachers' homework correction and evaluation . Third, overall planning , Improve after-school service . Comprehensively coordinate after-school service and school education and teaching , Fully guarantee the after-school service time , Further enrich the content and form of after-school service , Make after-school service an effective extension of school education and teaching .

In deepening exchange, job rotation 、 Promoting the quality and balance of urban and rural education , Miyun District combines the actual situation of this area , Build a three-dimensional teacher management system , Focus on promoting the exchange and rotation of school level cadres , Balanced allocation of backbone teachers above district level , Ordinary teachers are assigned to take turns , We will continue to deepen the exchange of cadres and teachers in rotation . among , The forms of cadre exchange are mainly divided into development exchange 、 Cooperative communication 、 Project communication and optimization communication . Through the exchange of cadres, we will promote the transfer of excellent cadres in the city to rural schools 、 Weak schools in the city flow , Guide rural schools 、 The discipline construction of weak schools 、 Team building ; Coordinate and integrate the resources of excellent principals in the region , The founding Secretary 、 school ( garden ) Long research studio , Conduct regular thematic research , Improve the quality of cadres .2021 year , The district has arranged the rotation of school level cadres 38 people ( among , Super principal 1 people , Senior Principal 8 people ), The cadres at the vice school level take turns 12 people , total 50 people , Accounting for the number of people who meet the conditions for job rotation exchange 55%. next step , Then arrange qualified cadres at all levels and of all types 70 People study in rotation .

The forms of teacher communication are mainly divided into urban and rural communication 、 Regional mobility and school districts 、 There are three forms of communication within the community . Urban and rural exchanges mainly include developmental exchanges 、 Part time communication and discipline guidance . Promote the orderly flow of urban and rural teachers through developmental exchanges ; Through part-time communication , Mobilize teachers of music, sports, beauty and other disciplines in the region to carry out characteristic education activities in other schools , Enrich students' after-school life ; Give play to the leading and radiating role of backbone teachers above the district level through discipline guidance , Promote the balanced allocation of backbone teachers' resources . among , The rural special guidance of backbone teachers mainly gives play to the teaching and scientific research ability of backbone teachers , Improve the education and teaching level of rural schools ; The part-time training guidance of backbone teachers mainly gives play to the ability of demonstration and guidance of backbone teachers , Do a good job in popularizing teaching and research and scientific research of corresponding disciplines at the district level , Guide teachers to improve classroom teaching level ; The orientation guidance for key teachers is mainly to encourage key teachers at or above the district level , Give directional guidance to weak subjects in the school , Improve the quality of weak disciplines .2021 year , The district has arranged for teachers to move between urban and rural areas 118 people , next step , Then arrange backbone teachers at or above the district level 70 People carry out discipline guidance .

The flow in the same area mainly refers to the town 、 There is an orderly flow of teachers between schools in this street . among , The area takes the connection of small and medium-sized enterprises as a breakthrough , Small scale schools in the town , Explore the connection between small and medium-sized enterprises . Through the intersection of primary and secondary schools 、 Community activities 、 Teaching and research activities and other forms , Get through , Improve teachers' work efficiency , Serve the construction of students' knowledge system .2021 year , Teachers have been arranged to move within the area 27 people . next step , Then arrange the connection and flow of small and medium-sized enterprises 30 people .

Zhang Wenliang said , school district 、 Communication within the community is based on the reality of education development in Miyun District , With 4 A high school district ,7 A primary school 、5 Based on a kindergarten community , Adhere to complementary advantages 、 close cooperation 、 The principle of resource sharing , Improve the overall education level of the school . next step , The district will arrange another school district 、 Communication within the community 50 people .

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