Wang can basks in the beautiful profile photo and holds his daughter's carousel. After giving birth, he is still like a girl

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wang basks beautiful profile photo

Wang can basks in the beautiful side face , A merry go round with my daughter in hand , After giving birth, the state is still like a girl

Speaking of Du Chun's wife Wang can , I believe we are all familiar , Although Wang can is not a star , But because I joined the program with Du Chun before , And she looks beautiful , So I also gained a small number of my fans , Daily news release on personal social platform , There will always be many fans interacting with her ,

Du Chun often goes out to film and work , Wang can is at home with her daughter , So her time is still relatively free , Publish frequently , Fans interact with her , She's not so boring ,

Recently, Wang can released a profile photo on the video account , Have to say , Wang can's appearance is really high , She didn't dress up that day , Plain face looks very pure , Wearing jewel EARRINGS , With a merry go round in his hand , At first glance, it's my daughter's toy , In the photo, Wang can's side face is very superior , The skin is also very white , Although she has had a baby , But Wang can is in great shape ,

At first glance , It's exactly what a girl looks like , Du Chun's vision is still very good , The wife is not only superior in appearance and figure , After getting married, she is also very low-key , Take care of the baby at home , I feel like Wang can , In addition to Du Chun's popularity in the circle , Wang can's debut is also very easy , What do you think? ?

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