"Road closure and drag racing" on the downtown streets, and the 11th generation Honda Civic was seized by the traffic police before it was listed

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road closure drag racing downtown

11 Dai civic became popular before it went public .

Many riders in wechat have been hi these two days , A few paragraphs that have not yet been listed have suddenly been forwarded on the Internet 11 Dai civic took a new car promotion video on a road in Guangzhou . However, this is a good time to see a new car , But it has aroused the dissatisfaction of many passers-by .

Open road photography “ Drag racing ”

Citizens report to the police and complain , The new car is towed away

Just last week , A car friend in Guangzhou happened to see 11 Dai Siyu is shooting on the street , The whole road was occupied by more than a dozen cars , Car friends were also driven and obstructed when they asked the staff about the situation during the shooting . After the two sides were unhappy , Alarm processing is carried out , The relevant departments arrived at the scene and towed the vehicles away .

This situation is self-evident , First, the shooting team is suspected of dangerous driving on public roads , It can be seen that the vehicle being photographed makes a tire noise during shooting 、 Illegal acts such as not slowing down on the sidewalk . Secondly, during the shooting process , The special camera car runs in reverse on the public road . Moreover, the road is not subject to any closed management and control measures , There are some security risks .

The picture comes from Weibo @CH_ Chen Han

This matter can be big or small for public safety . The play in the driveway here is hot , Pedestrians in the side lane 、 Vehicles like shuttle …… Finally, it even attracted the traffic police , It doesn't look like the local traffic control department knew in advance …… Did you go through the legal declaration process , I guess everyone knows about it ~

For advertising , Human flesh seal

Basically don't check , It's all sealed without filing

2019 Year of 2 month 24 Chevrolet's advertising and shooting company made a big news for itself . At midnight that night, many car owners reported that there were three cars driving side by side on Yan'an Road viaduct , Organize personnel to occupy the road without permission and seal the road without permission to shoot new Chevrolet advertising .

23 when 35 Fen Xu is from Jiangxi Road elevated to the north of Yan'an elevated , Two business cars + An unlicensed Chevrolet brand drives , Will the whole 3 The elevated carriageway is completely sealed , All the way to 23 when 55 a.m. , From Huashan Road down the viaduct .

Finally, the Shanghai traffic police elevated detachment detained the three drivers for five days 、 Li Ziwen, the organizer, was detained for ten days , The traffic violations of the drivers involved were recorded in total 31 branch , fine 1800 Punishment for yuan .

Similarly, 2018 Year of 9 month 23 In the morning 7 Not at all , The same way ,4 The cars lined up and closed the road , The vehicle behind cannot change lanes or overtake in time , No matter how the car behind flashes lights and whistles , Four illegal vehicles were indifferent .

When the video car forcibly overtakes, it is found that a camera rocker car is shooting a new car in front , These four cars deliberately blocked the road and blocked the rear car , So that the vehicle ahead can shoot advertisements .

Shanghai police took action immediately after receiving the relevant report —— The four violators were administratively detained !

So , It is very common for advertising companies to illegally occupy roads for commercial shooting . Although this violates 《 Public security management punishment law 》 A fine or detention is required , But for advertising companies , At best, this kind of thing just sacrifices the interests of suppliers , Under the tripartite agreement, you can still withdraw completely .

It is this advantage of low illegal cost , What makes them willing to take risks is to seize public resources !

What bothers people is not blocking the road for filming

But long-time turtle speed driving affects the traffic

To tell you the truth, the current high-speed seems to Tigo , Both film making and advertising need to occupy public resources . It is nothing more than the problem that advertising companies or manufacturers can solve by communicating and coordinating with local departments for approval . After all, illegal road blocking shooting is a minority .

And the problems that most of our car owners can encounter , Now more and more tortoise speed cars !

you 're right , These two problems cover almost all high-speed congestion and the causes of accidents . And most old drivers with rich driving experience began to jump back and forth in the slow lane , Just to get out of the slow-moving car group as soon as possible . The result? ? These turtles are even more afraid , The slower you drive, the more you drive .

And in the daily life, tiger brother has studied many drivers such as tortoise speed owners and net drivers , In fact, people who like to drive slowly in the leftmost Lane 3 A commonality :

▲  It's easier to drive on the far left “ Security ” Because there is only a guardrail on the left , Just focus on the front, back and right to ensure safety .

▲  And reducing the speed is also because of considering the following distance between the front and rear vehicles , Play a “ safe driving ” The role of .

▲  Anyway, as long as the speed is not lower than the minimum speed limit , It doesn't constitute a violation , It's hard for others to say anything about you .

So what really causes congestion , It's selfishness to seize public resources !

Many cars are supposed to be at the speed limit 100 Drive leisurely on the highway 70,80 Because there are many cars on the right , This road is the most comfortable , What traffic efficiency , It's inconvenient for people in the back , Does it have anything to do with me ? I'm not in a hurry anyway .

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