Lx600: full of luxury, through the tail lamp + 3.5t twin turbine, it will appear next year. It's really handsome

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lx600 lx luxury tail lamp

For friends who like Toyota SUVs , Toyota Prado , Toyota Land tour LC Such a model , I'm sure you won't feel strange , Compared with these two classic models , And Lexus, which we are familiar with GX Models and Lexus lx models , It will also complete a comprehensive upgrade in the near future . And today I want to share with you the latest Lexus lx models , Not only has the latest design , And this model will meet you as soon as next year , The biggest change of the car is not only the appearance , It's mainly the same as the new Toyota landkuluze 3.5T6 Two cylinder twin turbocharged engine as power , And this time the car will use the latest hybrid system , And in terms of transmission, it is also upgraded to 10at, And will continue to be equipped with powerful 4 Drive system .LX600: Luxurious and full-bodied , Through tail lamp +3.5T Twin turbine , Debut next year , How handsome

First of all, compared with the old models , The new car has become more family in appearance , On the basis of retaining the Lexus spindle air inlet grille , Replaced with the latest matrix LED headlight , And the latest daytime running lights , At the same time, the car is also equipped with the latest sports aluminum alloy wheel hub and the latest body welcome pedal , And the car also adopts a new through type LED Rear tail lights and the latest electric rear tailgate design , At the same time, the exhaust layout of the whole vehicle also adopts hidden design , This is obviously different from the old models .

And in terms of motivation , The biggest change of the car is the adoption of the new Toyota Land tour LC same 3.5T Twin turbocharging 6 Cylinder engine , To replace the previous one 4.0 L and 5.7 l 8 Cylinder engine , The machine 3.5T The twin turbocharged engine not only has better power output , And in terms of fuel economy, it is better than the previous large displacement naturally aspirated engine , At the same time, it can also meet the latest exhaust emission requirements .

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