Audi electric concept car preview, the next generation A8 split door debut on September 2

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audi electric concept car preview

▲ Audi will be in 9 month 2 The premiere of the new Grandsphere 4 Door concept car , The car will become a preview of the next generation A8 The prototype design of virtual reality . Show... A few days ago Skysphere concept After the electric concept car , audi (Audi) Also identify another Grandsphere Concept 4 The door concept car will be in 9 month 2 Unveiled on Sunday , The car will be a preview of the next generation A8 The design source of the flagship car . differ Skysphere Double door 、 Two seat setting ,4 Door models Grandsphere There is a very obvious car length , It also has split door design , At the same time, from the preview ,Grandsphere It also has a steering wheel and pedals , Can be found in Level 4 Hidden folding under autopilot selection , And move the instrument backward to the most appropriate position for driving , Provide more spacious and comfortable riding space .

▲Grandsphere Keep the steering wheel and pedal device , And it can hide and store when automatic driving is turned on , At the same time, there are super handsome double door . although Grandsphere The concept car has a huge size , However, it can be seen from the preview that the rear seat adopts small seat design , Make the front seat retractable to B Behind the column , At the same time, there are no other screen configurations in the car . appearance Grandsphere The concept car is also eye-catching , Have a sharp LED Head lamp 、 Large wheel frame and streamline inclined back roof , And it is likely to adopt the popular transverse style at the rear of the car LED Tail lights . Currently on Grandsphere There is not much information about the concept car , Only identify and Skysphere And the upcoming Urbansphere Also carrying Artemis Electric vehicle platform , Other contents need to be 9 month 2 Will be announced on the th .

▲Grandsphere Will pick up Artemis Electric vehicle platform , Other details need to be 9/2 Public appearance .

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