Zero run C11 will be delivered in October, and the competition pattern of new energy vehicle market may change

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zero run c11 delivered october

Just a simple comparison before C11 and BBA Configuration comparison of vehicles at the same level , immediately 9 The first batch in January C11 The owner is about to pick up the car , At the end of this month, many people are expected to decide whether to lock it or not C11 The order of . In order to facilitate everyone's decision-making , Today I got a final version of C11 Compare the analysis of other vehicles at the same level , It's the same as me C11 Our friends decide whether to place an order for reference . oh , Explain to friends who have not read the previous article , I'm talking about this Zero run C11 It's two o'clock :1. I did order the car myself 2. Before, we participated in a new round of Zero run financing, so from the perspective of users , From the perspective of investment , For me, C11 We must talk more about this car . After all, can my primary market investment be , It's up to you to C11 Are you right .

Own order ,1 month 1 The previous comparison is based on C11 Top matching comparison BBA The second lowest match of , But in fact, this way of comparison can only reflect part of the situation , But two details are not perfect , The first is the second low configuration, which is not necessarily the best-selling model , The second is for traditional car companies , Their guidance price and transaction price are different . Considering these two points , So this time I put C11 It is compared with other brands where the transaction volume of secondary resources is the highest , By the way, they also pulled their own pure electric model , And other new forces , Make the most comprehensive comparison before locking and picking up the car . First say BBA Corresponding models : Mercedes GLC 2021 paragraph GLC 260 L 4MATIC Sporty , Guide price 39.78 ten thousand , Secondary transaction 40.28 ten thousand . BMW X3 2021 paragraph Modification xDrive28i M Sport suit , Guide price 42.58 ten thousand , Secondary transaction 37.47 ten thousand . audi Q5L 2021 paragraph 40 TFSI Luxury dynamic , Guide price 41.58 ten thousand , Secondary transaction 39.43 ten thousand . BMW and Audi have certain discounts , Mercedes Benz has to raise the price instead , That's interesting . So these three and Zero run C11 Luxury brand models of the same level , Run with zero C11 How do you compare them together ? motivation ,C11 4WD version 4.8 Seconds is undoubtedly the strongest , The other three cars are basically 7-8 Between seconds . In terms of size , The wheelbase GLC The longest , Reached 2973mm, Zero run C11 The wheelbase for 2930mm second , This wheelbase can basically greatly ensure the interior space . In terms of active and passive safety equipment :

Mercedes Benz has knee airbags , Mercedes Benz and BMW have explosion-proof tires ,C11 Have a reminder that the safety belt of the whole vehicle is not fastened , When it comes to driving assistance ,C11 It has an overall advantage , Among them, parallel auxiliary 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Road traffic recognition 、 It's just C11 Configured with , And lane departure warning except C11 Besides Audi Q5L There are also configurations . On the auxiliary control configuration ,C11 and BBA Each has his own strengths :

BBA Of 360 All panoramic images are optional ,C11 It is directly standard , Reversing car side warning system 、 Full speed adaptive cruise is C11 alone possess . But limited by cost ,C11 There is no such function as soft and hard adjustment of the suspension , After all, as an option 20.98 Thousands of cars , It is unrealistic to require suspension function . On the outside / Anti theft configuration ,C11 There is a unique frameless door + Hide the combination of electric door handles , Keyless entry is limited by cost and only gives the driver's seat , This is not as good as BBA.

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