Warning - drag racing with "flip flops" scored 12 points, and the quasi driving model was downgraded

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warning drag racing flip flops

The speed is too fast

You will miss some scenery along the way

More likely to endanger their own and other people's lives

More haste, less speed. , Safe speed

To reach your destination safely !

Look who's speeding !

8 month 11 Japan 16 Time

At the Chang Shen Expressway B Line 3134 km 150 rice

A small car was seriously speeding on the road

Its speed is as high as 177km/h

Because the speed measurement section is a curve section

The maximum speed limit is 100km/h, Speeding 77%!

After receiving the system warning

The police on duty immediately prepared for control and interception

A few minutes later

At Liancheng toll station

The police on duty successfully intercepted the car

The police found

The driver even stepped on a pair of “ flip flops ”

according to the understanding of , Driver Han is a A2 Driver's license, old driver , Driving experience , It was a fine day , There are few vehicles on the road , He thinks it's okay to drive faster , The result was a severe overspeed .

The police severely criticized and educated Han , And inform them of serious accidents caused by overspeed . Han realized the harm of speeding , Express regret for your behavior .

Due to serious speeding , Han will face 500 A fine of $ , Driver's license 12 branch , The quasi driving model was downgraded to B1B2.

Traffic police tips : The vehicle is speeding , It will cause the braking distance of the motor vehicle to be longer , Affect the safety and controllability of the vehicle , Once a dangerous situation occurs, it is difficult to deal with it in time , Especially speeding into curves , It is very easy to cause traffic accidents .

source : Longyan general method

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