Changan electric car has finally come. The scientific and technological level is very high, but there is still room for improvement

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changan electric car finally come.

Now , The burden of independent brands , Compared with joint ventures and luxury brands, it is more heavy . One side , The face of independent brands has been “ Car infested ” Of 12 The price range within 10000 , We have to adopt the strategy of upward impact to expand our territory , On the other hand , In the shuffle of new energy , Autonomy also has to seize the opportunity , Avoid being stabilized by overseas rivals like the fuel age again . Today, , From mainstream fuel vehicles to medium and high-end markets , Chang'an has basically completed its layout , And in the new energy market , Chang'an finally made a formal move .

In the independent camp , Chang'an is definitely one of the top brands , As a million car company , Its volume and recognition in the field of fuel vehicles will not be weaker than Geely 、 Great wall and other opponents , But compared with the maple leaf 、 The geometric 、 Extremely krypton has completed the layout of Geely in the third line of high school and low school , Or use Euler to open the great wall of the market , Chang'an is not very prominent in the new energy sector . In the recent , Chang'an is called C385 The new pure electric car is finally here .

In terms of shape , This car has its new side , You can also see a lot UNI Family design shadow . After all, this is the latest family design in Chang'an , Before UNI-K Hot , as well as UNI-V The success of this design language has been proved by its high praise .

however , As an electric car , changan C385 The design style adopted is more simple , Totally enclosed grille with UNI Families form a clear difference , This through taillight design is also more recognizable . Especially the whole tail shape , Not only can't find the same feeling , With the smell of a performance sports car .

But I have to say ,“ Enclosed grille ” This design , Although it is a common design idea for electric vehicles , On the consumer side , People don't think this design is very good . For example, compared with this UNI-V, changan C385 The front face is too simple and lacks a sense of hierarchy , In contrast, the author also recognizes UNI-V This classic and avant-garde design style .

And Chang'an C385 It is the first strategic model based on the new dedicated pure electric platform of Chang'an , But in addition to announcing that it will provide APA7.0 Remote unmanned valet parking system and electric drive high frequency pulse heating technology , No more momentum has been announced 、 Endurance information . Well, from this appearance , You think Chang'an with a new electric platform , Can you be one step ahead of other opponents ?

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