Pay attention to | Weilai pushes NP function learning and Q & A to the car owner, and points can be awarded after completion

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pay attention weilai pushes np

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Choi Li Mei

[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] Since the fatal accident of Weilai car , It once aroused public concern and doubt about the safety of automatic driving technology . recently , Some netizens exposed , Wei Lai in its APP Pushed the owner about NIO Pilot( Weilai automatic assistant driving system , abbreviation “NP”) Functional learning and Q & A , To help car owners use better and safer NP.

Wei Lai in its App Push for car owners about NIO Pilot Functional learning and Q & A

according to the understanding of , The content includes a paragraph 6 Minutes of learning video , as well as 10 Ask and answer questions .“ After completing the study and question and answer , Weilai will give the owner 200 Bonus points .” Convert by Wei Lai integral ,200 The integral is equal to “20 element ” RMB , You can exchange it directly at Weilai mall .

Wei Lai has repeatedly stressed that at present NP It is a driving aid function , Non autonomous driving

Besides , Wei Lai emphasized in the push ,NIO Pilot It's an auxiliary driving function , Not automatic driving .“ It can help the owner control the vehicle to adapt cruise control within the set speed , Keep a distance from the car in front , And keep driving in the lane when the lane line is clear .” Wei Lai also reminded ,“ In the use of NP when , The driver must hold the steering wheel all the way , Keep watching the road , And intervene in time when necessary , Actively control the vehicle .” Official expression , The system only provides auxiliary support .

Wei Lai stressed , In the use of NP when , The driver must always hold the steering wheel

It is worth noting that , last year 9 month , Wei Lai launches accompanying NIO OS 2.7.0 Upgrade the open navaid (NOP) function , According to the official introduction ,NOP Deep integration vehicle navigation 、 High precision maps and NIO Pilot The automatic assisted driving system allows the vehicle to cruise automatically according to the navigation planned path under specific conditions .

Besides , Weilai automobile was last year 10 Month in Weilai car APP Provide navigation assistance in (NOP) Use guide , Zhang Jianyong, head of Engineering Department of automatic driving system, stressed :“ We must not NOP Equivalent to automatic driving . And Pilot equally ,NOP It is still a driving aid function , And may quit at any time when the working conditions cannot be met . When use , We must always pay attention to traffic conditions and road environment . For users who are inexperienced in the use of some automatic driving AIDS , Please try to get familiar with Pilot After the function , Try using NOP.”

Wei to APP-NOP Use guide

Besides , He also said he ,“ Due to the diversity and complexity of road conditions ,NOP It will be in the continuous optimization stage for a long time . In the use of NOP In the process of , If you find traffic 、 The road environment or vehicle conditions are not suitable for use NOP, Or some unexpected acceleration and deceleration 、 Lane change, etc , Please take over the vehicle immediately .”

Wei to APP-Pilot Status instrument interface

It is worth mentioning that , For the accident of Weilai auxiliary driving system , Wang Yao, assistant secretary general and Minister of technology of China Automobile Industry Association, pointed out , At present, China's complete vehicle enterprises have passed the printing of vehicle operation instructions 、 Video recording and other visual methods to carry out safety education for drivers . For auxiliary driving function , The driver is still the main function operator , It is also the subject of responsibility .

As an industry expert , Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car market information joint committee, also stressed : To educate consumers , And take more measures to prevent over reliance on automatic driving . He pointed out that :“ At present, the biggest problem is that consumers are not aware of the risks of automatic driving , When autopilot is not yet fully mature , Over reliance on autonomous driving is risky .”

source : Understand chedi's report

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