A brief analysis of the secret of low wind resistance and the appearance optimization design of Zhiji L7

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brief analysis secret low wind

In order to achieve the best low resistance effect , Be wise L7 The shape of the whole vehicle follows the slender 、 Low lying design idea , The roof is officially named “ Water drop edge ” Curve design , The optimum aerodynamic angle is accurately calculated by using advanced simulation computer , The inclination of the front windshield is 25.9°, The included angle between the top of the rear windshield and the horizontal line is further reduced to 16°. Computer simulation also optimizes more than ten appearance details , The optimization of these details makes Zhiji L7 The cumulative drag coefficient is lower than the initial value 30%. The roof line extends to the rear through a smooth curve . Be wise L7 The height of the whole vehicle is only 1482mm, While ensuring enough riding space in the car, it can shape a flying attitude close to the ground .

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