Looking for the valuation attribution, what is the strength of GAC group with sales exceeding 10000 for three consecutive months?

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looking valuation attribution strength gac

Since May, the company has ,MPV The sales volume of models has exceeded 10000 for three consecutive months , Especially to 7 The month broke a new high , The number of cards has reached 1.22 platform , among M8 Also a new high , reach Monthly sales 7063 platform .2021 year 1-7 month ,MPV The cumulative sales volume of models increased year-on-year 109%, Become the fastest growing model under GAC motor brand .

According to the analysis of Pacific Securities Research Report , From the price side ,M8 The average price of 20-25 ten thousand element , You can say one vividly M8 Created the equivalent of two GS4 The income of the , We predict Close to three GS4 The profits of the , and GS4 At its peak, the monthly sales were about 3 Ten thousand units ,1 Ten thousand units MPV The sales of other models are superimposed , GAC's autonomy is equivalent to entering a new height .

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