Lingke 03 + new model preview exposure with large tail / power lift

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lingke new model preview exposure

As can be seen from the overall outline of the appearance , The rear of the new car is equipped with a large tail wing , And in C There is a collar on the post 03+ exclusive “+” identification , From the previous declaration information , The new car will also offer a wide range of tail styles . Besides , The new model also uses a blue paint color , Expected and participation WTRC The color of the car is the same .

As can be seen from the previous declaration chart , Led the g 03+ The design of the new model is very radical , Aerodynamic package with all carbon fiber , And the huge rear spoiler . Besides , The new car can also be equipped with different styles of door handles 、 rim 、 License plate 、 Calipers 、 Anterior and posterior lip 、 Surround 、 Body trim strip and tail identification, etc .

motivation , Led the g 03+ The new model is still equipped with one 2.0T The engine , Its maximum power is 187kW Up to the 195kW, And with the new model of Lingke family 05+ bring into correspondence with , The performance in power is worth looking forward to .( writing : Pacific automotive network Yayong )

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