Microblogging released the hot search list in the first half of the year, and Tesla brake was listed 130 times

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microblogging released hot search list

In recent days, , The microblog released the hot search semi annual report in the first half of this year , among , stay “2021 The first half of the year, the hot search for more than 100 social events ” In the column ,“ Tesla brakes ” On the list 130 Time , Ranked fifth , A veritable hot search list for the auto industry “ champion ”.

however , Unlike others on the list , Tesla “ brake ” Problem out circle , It's all negative public opinion .

Besides , Here's the thing to watch , Even Tesla's braking problem , Now it has received so much attention , However, the dispute with Anyang female car owners has not ended yet , The latter did not get all the data of Tesla from beginning to end , Relevant investigation and appraisal work , Still in progress . meanwhile , There are still different Tesla brake accidents every day .

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