Wey released the preview of the retro concept car. Netizen: did Euler split his leg, or did wey get off the track?

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wey released preview retro concept

8 month 24 Japan , Great Wall Motors high-end brand WEY Released the preview of the new retro styling concept car . It is reported that , New car code V72, Positioning as a SUV models , Will be in 8 month 27 Unveiled on Sunday , Later on 2021 Chengdu auto show officially released .

Different from the models on sale , This kind of SUV Adopt a very retro design style , With Chrysler PT Ramblers have the same thing .

Although it's about WEY New Retro SUV There is not much news yet , But the latest preview shows us what a new car might look like , You can see , The new car is modeled on 50-60 The design style of classic cars in the s , The visual effect is unique .

The two round lights on the front face of the new car are the essence , The transverse grid has radians , The lower air intake grille is also designed horizontally , Two circular fog lamps are added to it , At the bottom is a classic chrome front surround .

Netizens also discussed , EULA split her leg , still WEY Derailed ?

At present, little information is known about new cars , Refer to the appearance , Its interior will also have a unique retro style , At the same time, it is better in creating a sense of science and Technology .

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