The commencement ceremony of lutes global headquarters was held on August 31

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commencement ceremony lutes global headquarters

[ Car home information ]  recently , We know from the official , The founding ceremony of lutes technology and the commencement ceremony of the global headquarters will be held on 8 month 31 Saturday, .

 Car home

 Car home

The data shows , The company is registered in 2020 end of the year , It is held by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group 60%, Invested by Wuhan lutes Technology Co., Ltd 30 Billion construction . The park is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone , The project covers an area of about 186 mu , The building area is about 39 Thousands of square meters . After the completion of Wuhan lutes science and technology headquarters park , The headquarters park can be settled in 4000 More than people work . It can not only serve Hannan's lutes vehicle project closely , It will also serve the whole country 、 Global Geely and lutes projects .

 Lotus EMIRA 2021 paragraph 3.5T First Edition

At present , Lotus EMIRA( Parameters | inquiry ) Reservation has been opened , The car will also be in 11 Held in 2021 At Guangzhou Auto Show . Besides , In terms of product planning , In the future, lutes will launch two SUV models , The production target is 10 Thousands of cars .( writing / Car home Li na )

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