Send millions of super runners, men propose on the spot, and passers-by suspect it is "acting"

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send millions super runners men

Reading guide : Many people know that car owners who can afford millions of super runs , Their value is not bad , After all, most people can't afford this kind of luxury car , Not to mention spending millions on luxury cars , Like this Aston Martin .

​ lately , There are millions of Aston Martin at home , Men propose on the spot , Passers by doubted that “ acting ”. It is reported that , The super run is an Aston Martin convertible , Model positioning: medium-sized sports car , The car 7 digit , use 2 door 2 Seat soft top convertible structure , The rear of the car is equipped with double exhaust , The car body has its own frameless door , The aerodynamic principle of the whole vehicle is excellent .

This Aston Martin comes with V12 engine , 100km acceleration 4 It can be completed in about seconds , Powerful , Push your back . Such an Aston Martin appeared on the street , Men start to evacuate people , I proposed at the scene .

original , Many domestic scripts get fans or attention by renting luxury cars , So this time I sent Aston Martin to propose , Many passers-by speculated that “ acting ”, Not really .

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