WeiPai retro concept car will appear in Chengdu auto show, temporarily named V72. Which coffee is suitable for it?

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weipai retro concept car appear

Although the Chengdu auto show was postponed , As the largest auto show in Southwest China , Manufacturers still attach great importance to , For example, in addition to Macchiato's official listing at Chengdu auto show , And a brand new retro concept car , Internal code V72, Maybe the Chinese name will be announced at Chengdu auto show .

According to the current habits of Wei school , The new model is probably named after coffee , After all, there was Mocha 、 Macchiato and latte , So this one V72 What should it be called ? I don't know how Herbalife is ? It feels very retro , It's a complete guess , If you guess that small and medium-sized editors are not responsible .

This car has a retro look , Its modeling comes from the classic modeling of the 1930s and 1940s , Such as protruding lights 、 Steady air intake grille, etc , If it weren't for the Wei school LOGO, It reminds us of the classic models in the old movies , At least from the renderings of the current exposure , It's still very much to look forward to .

It is worth noting that , According to Xiaobian , Wei sent V72 Just a retro look , It's quite trendy inside , A number of intelligent configurations will be added to the new car , At the same time, combined with the retro appearance, it brings a strong visual impact , Let's take a closer look at this car .

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