Beijing U5 plus accepts reservation at Chengdu auto show from RMB 70000

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beijing u5 accepts reservation chengdu

Easy car - We have learned from relevant channels that , Beijing U5 PLUS Will be in 8 month 29 The opening of the Chengdu auto show began to accept reservations . The new car has been launched at the Shanghai auto show and the pre price has been announced , The pre-sale range is 7.00 Ten thousand yuan -11.00 Ten thousand yuan .

In design , Beijing U5 PLUS And Beijing U5 There are still obvious differences , Especially the design of the front face , Beijing U5 PLUS Younger , Sportization , The overall visual performance is better than that of Beijing U5 Let young consumers like .

The big hexagonal mouth is very big , And the interior adopts black mesh design , The visual impact is still very strong ; The design of headlights is very sharp , High and low beam LED Headlights with three independent rhombic turn signals have a good visual impact , Plus chrome plated decorative strips running through the left and right , The whole improves the delicate feeling of the front face .

Beijing U5 PLUS The change at the rear of the car is still obvious , First of all, the new car adopts one-piece penetration LED The rear tail lamp also has the effect of running water steering lamp , The visual effect is very good ; Secondly, the lines at the rear of the whole car are more complex , It can further enhance the youthful and sporty feeling of the rear of the new car .

Compared with the appearance of , Beijing U5 PLUS The interior has been upgraded more comprehensively , Completely divorced from the old and rigid design style , Instead, the new design gives the whole interior a sense of science and Technology 、 The sense of quality has been perfectly improved .

Beijing U5 PLUS use 7 Inch center control screen +12.3 Dual screen design of inch HD instrument panel , Equipped with the new Botai mobile phone interconnection system , It can realize the application screen projection in Android mobile phone , And can be interconnected through mobile phones , Provide rich voice control functions , Realize window 、 skylight 、 Air conditioner 、 Navigation 、 Media playback control ;

meanwhile , Beijing U5 PLUS You can also use Zhihui housekeeper APP It can control the car remotely with one key , Realize remote start of air conditioner 、 vehicle 、 Unlocking and other functions , View vehicle status and location information anytime, anywhere , Bring intelligent travel experience .

motivation , Beijing U5 PLUS Continue the powertrain of cash models , Provide 1.5L High and low power engines and 1.5T The engine has two kinds of power , among 1.5L Low power engine maximum power 105 horsepower , Maximum torque 134 cattle · rice , matching CVT transmission ; and 1.5L High power engine maximum power 116 horsepower , Maximum torque 148 cattle · rice , matching 5 Gear manual gearbox .

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