Enjoy life! GAC Honda Binzhi takes you to play with the exquisite life of happiness and not expensive

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enjoy life gac honda binzhi

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Netease car 8 month 25 Reported Wednesday Punch in and set up a delicate net red restaurant , Take a selfie with exquisite makeup , Add a furniture with high appearance value to your small home ......

The exquisite life of contemporary young people , Bit by bit hidden around . A good life , It's not that expensive . Exquisite life , There is no need to pile up money .

It is the attitude of enjoying life , It's your own way of life , Maybe follow the trend , Maybe I like high looks , But they all hold a deeper soul inside , Contains the infinite possibility of pursuing beauty .

“ life ” Not just life , There should also be a more poetic world . Enjoy life , It is a pursuit of both inside and outside .

Guangzhou Honda Bean wisdom ( Parameters 丨 picture ) Join hands with Netease to strictly select , Let the good life go further , Make it strong “ Enjoy life ” City experience Exhibition ! from 5 month 31 The date of , Log in to Shanghai one after another 、 Hangzhou 、 Three major cities in Guangzhou , Let everyone who comes , Feel the ritual of exquisite life , Enjoy the surprise and pleasure of traveling at will .

As a series of life value exhibition activities selected by GAC Honda Binzhi and Netease , Guangzhou K11 High end shopping center “ Binzhi jingenjoy life department store ” Once it's open , It has attracted countless living families to punch in !

take “ art 、 The humanities 、 natural ” Combine the concept of and local customs and culture , Guangzhou K11 For young people, this is synonymous with exquisite life , It is one of the wind vanes for young people to pursue a better life .

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