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Speaking of luxury and comfort , Leather materials have always been the top of the automotive interior . however , Leather is processed from animal skin , It needs a series of chemical treatments , Whether it's environmental protection or health , Are controversial . however , Gaohe automobile and the world 500 strong 、 Dow, the global leader in silicone technology, has launched an innovative material :LUXSENSE Silicone leather , Ding Lei of Gaohe automobile said : It has the same comfortable touch as animal skin , At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly , It has higher reliability and can be used in the car , It brings us a real healthy and luxurious experience .

“ really ” Luxury travel , Just lie down comfortably

High-end LUXSENSE Silicone leather , It is Gaohe automobile and Dow that gather global resources , This innovative material, which lasted for three years, is specially made for human health and luxury touch . Through continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology and R & D , High-end LUXSENSE Silicone leather has high moisture permeability 、 Refreshing and non greasy properties , It brings a dermal touch , And it's aging resistant 、 Antifouling property 、 The performance of flame retardancy is also quite excellent , Long lasting superior performance , And does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile . so to speak , comfortable 、 health 、 Luxurious travel experience , Gaohe automobile has arranged for us clearly !

Not only really luxurious , And more environmentally friendly

at present ,LUXSENSE Silicone leather has been mass produced , And will take the lead in “ China's first technology luxury car ” Gao He HiPhi X On , Bring safety and health to users 、 A new lifestyle of low carbon and environmental protection , This is also the first vehicle end application in the world . meanwhile ,LUXSENSE Silicone leather with excellent performance , It is expected to be widely adopted by the industry , So as to reduce the demand for animal skin in the industry , Achieve less killing 、 A beautiful vision of not killing .

As Ding Lei said :LUXSENSE Application of silicone leather and Gaohe automobile TECHLUXE Technology luxury is a perfect match , Real luxury experience brought by technological progress , Realize the harmony between man and nature . High-end LUXSENSE Silicone leather is a small step innovation of high-tech materials , But it is a big leap for the whole industry and human civilization . Gaohe automobile promotes the progressive change of the industry through the breakthrough of advanced technology , It shows its sense of social responsibility and corporate responsibility .

Gao He HiPhi X Will be in 9 In June, the high-end market was officially opened LUXSENSE Fabric selection of light color interior of silicone leather , More healthy and environmentally friendly TECHLUXE Technology luxury sensory experience is about to open , You do well “ How luxurious ” Are you ready for the trip ?

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