New Xingtu Lingyun to store, gray coating, fashionable sports, novel electronic gear lever, 2.0T strong power

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new xingtu lingyun store gray

Xingtu automobile has performed very well in the domestic automobile market in recent years , Many of its models are upgrading to enhance their hard power . The current domestic SUV The competition in the car market is quite fierce , More automobile manufacturers are making efforts in the market . Xingtu automobile will also be in 8 month 27 The new star path Lingyun is listed on the 15th to compete in the market , The new car is based on Star Trek M3X Mars Architecture PRO make , At present, new cars have arrived at the store . Today's good car recommendation is : New star path Lingyun .

The appearance design of the new Xingtu Lingyun is relatively advanced , The design of the whole engine room cover is full , The outline of the line is prominent and powerful , The style of the headlight set is quite slender , The internal lens is relatively wide ,LED Daytime running lights are quite slender . The air inlet in the middle is wide , And decorated with a multi banner Chinese net , The fog lamp is vertical , The perimeter is also decorated with inverted L The chrome trim of the model , The air inlet in the middle is slender , The front bumper is equipped with a thick guard .

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