Cadillac CT6 is more than 5.2m long, with 2.0T engine + 10At gearbox, and the discount is very strong

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cadillac ct6 ct 5.2m long

Cars come into life , Choose the car that suits you best .

hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

Speaking of luxury brand medium and large cars , The first thing many people think of is Mercedes Benz E level 、 BMW 5 And Audi A6L, It is undeniable that the strength of these three cars is very strong , It is highly sought after by consumers , But when it comes to who's cost-effective at this level ? ha-ha , Then I have to mention Cadillac CT6.

Although Cadillac's brand appeal and Germany in the Chinese market BBA There is a big gap , But it has some advantages in price ! Cadillac CT6 Price range of 37.97-48.97 Ten thousand yuan , The manufacturer has adopted the method of exchanging price for quantity , at present 4S In the store 9 A discount of about ten thousand yuan , In this way, a dimensionality reduction attack is formed , The actual transaction price is really exciting .

The appearance adopts the family design style , Running on the road, people can recognize it as a Cadillac at a glance , The front shield grille has a good visual effect , The headlights use all LED The light source , Xinghe straight waterfall LED When the daytime running lights are on , It's very noticeable .

Cadillac CT6 The car is longer than 5.2 rice , This is very eye-catching in the same level , The accurate data of length, width and height is 5223*1879*1492mm, Wheelbase reached 3109mm, Such a figure is even parked in a BMW 7 system 、 Mercedes S level 、 audi A8 These higher level players , It won't be too weak in the gas field ! From the side, the body is simple and slender , A perfect angle is formed behind the side window , It has a typical model of American luxury cars .

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