With the blessing of hydrogen fuel technology, the rotor engine is expected to revive. Do you expect it?

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blessing hydrogen fuel technology rotor

There was a passage that said : Mazda sells cars to raise funds for the development of rotor engines , After burning the money, continue to make money by selling cars . Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated , But the lofty position of the rotor engine in Mazda's heart still shows us , It can be said that Mazda's business card is the rotor engine . For various reasons , The rotor engine has been away from us for some time , Mazda fans are looking forward to the return of the rotor engine . But according to the news now exposed , A new generation of rotor engines is likely to come back .

Even many Mazda fans already know the rotor engine , But I believe there are still many friends who know little about this kind of engine , It is necessary to introduce the rotor engine to you . advantage : The rotor engine is made by German figash · Wankel invented , Mazda later spent a lot of money to buy the technology from Wankel company , And apply it to its models . Mazda has always insisted on independent R & D and production of rotor engine , It costs a lot of manpower and material resources , Finally, it will be applied to the commercial field . Mazda RX-7、RX-8 Legendary sports car , Are equipped with rotor engines , It has left a heavy color in the history of automobile industry .

Unlike reciprocating engines , The rotary engine can directly convert the combustion expansion force of combustible gas into driving torque . Compared with reciprocating engines , The rotor engine eliminates useless linear motion , Therefore, the rotor engine with the same power has a small size 、 The advantage of light weight , Vibration and noise are also reduced . The rotor engine can use small displacement to achieve large displacement output , The speed is much higher than that of an ordinary engine , Powerful power output . In the case of high power output , The rotor engine can also have a small size , Therefore, it is considered that hybrid is the next development trend of rotor engine .

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