The official map of Ford Focus st special edition model was officially released

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official map ford focus st

[ Car home   New car official map ]  In recent days, , Ford officially released its fox ST( Parameters | inquiry ) Official drawing of the special model . The new car will be based on the regular version ST The model is further upgraded , All upgrades are based on the performance of Nurburgring , Let the vehicle have better handling performance .

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Appearance , The overall shape of the new car has not changed much , It is still a polygonal forward air grille with wavy China open design , It is marked in the lower left corner of the China open “ST” identification . The front surround adopts a very sporty design , Fog lamp sets are provided on both sides , Match with the shape of triangular headlamp , Make the new car very aggressive . in addition , The new car also uses a system called “ Sky blue ” The exterior color of , Match with the high gloss black decoration of the whole car , With the regular edition ST Distinguish .

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Look at the side of the car , The overall design of the new car remains unchanged , But we use lightweight, dense spokes 19 Inch wheels , With Michelin PS4S tire , The front automatic caliper is floating double piston , The rear brake calipers are floating single piston , The colors are painted in passionate red .

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The rear part , The new car is equipped with a spoiler decorated in bright black , The tail lamp is of blackened design , The rear enclosure is equipped with a tail diffuser and a two-sided exhaust layout , Further enhance the sportiness of the new car .

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On the interior , The new car still adopts the traditional pointer instrument panel and three spoke multifunctional steering wheel , ... is also marked under the steering wheel “ST” identification . The multimedia display screen in the central control center adopts suspended design , A large number of physical keys and knobs are reserved below , Mechanical shift mechanism with manual transmission , Make the new car full of fighting breath .

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Besides , The suspension adjustment of the new car has been further refined , Adopt shock absorber with bidirectional adjustable 、 Double tube stainless steel shock absorber housing and from KW Automotive Powder coated spring , Each single suspension system can also reduce about 10% Unsprung mass of . Compared with the normal version ST models , The height of the car has been lowered 10 mm , And set aside to reduce again 10 Mm adjustment space . The complete suspension system has been tested by Ford performance team , And after training at the Nurburgring track .

What's interesting is that , Ford officials also provide car owners with a copy of ST Special technical documents for suspension adjustment of special edition models , It provides recommended suspension settings for various driving conditions , This includes a track pattern design for Nurburgring .

motivation , The new car still carries 2.3T EcoBoost Turbocharged four cylinder engine , The most powerful 280 horsepower , Maximum torque 420 cattle ・ rice , The drive system will be equipped as standard 6 Speed manual transmission and front wheel drive ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 5.7 second .( writing / Car home graduation )

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